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Buga Mama

February 24, 2015

Day 40 Monday, January 23, 2015

Today was a quiet day here at  Casa Rosada. The weather was pretty nice but not the perfect beach day yesterday was. We went for a walk up to town and again, while waiting for Ken and Janet to do some banking, I sat on the edge of the busy main street, with motor scooters, the odd tuk tuk, some cars and lots of people going by, and just watched the world go people watching. It is interesting the mix of people..many Jamaican looking and others Mayan but  different style of Mayan clothing. We went to the main dock and booked our lanchas( boats) for tomorrow, as we all will leave. The rest of the group heads to Guatemala City for departure for Ottawa on Wednesday, while I am heading to Lanquin and will see how I make out travelling solo for a week. I was initially nervous about my plan before leaving home but we have met so many solo travellers who have being doing it for months and loving it, so I am no longer nervous..I am excited! Janet and I played some Yahtzee when we got back and she got 3 yahtzees in one hand and whipped me!  I then lay in the hammock at the end of the dock, listening to the waves hitting the dock and feeling the beautiful breeze, while reading my book. Out for supper to Buga Mama’s, settling down now as it is bedtime…last night in my cozy little cottage.😄image image image


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  1. Jackie Holzman permalink

    Enjoy your solo travels….you will manage beautifully!


  2. Susan Mannion permalink

    All the best on your solo travels – stay safe. xo

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