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Tropical Paradise

February 23, 2015

Day 39, Sunday, February 22, 2015

We walked to the main dock in town and caught a boat that was to whisk us off on our days’ adventures. A picture perfect day weather wise and we were excited. It took us a good half hour to get to our first destination and it was a very bumimagepy ride across the beau imagetiful water to Las Siete Altars ( The Seven Altars). Again, we hiked up a long trail which led us to the first altar and so on, climbing over slippery, occasionally sharp rocks, and I believe that in rainy season there are actually 7 distinct  pools and waterfalls, but today the only waterfall and pool  worth noting and enjoying was at the end, with a lovely pool of water to swim in, which we did and a slight waterfall. We were  enjoying ourselves whimage imageimageimageen I asked someone what time it was : 11:09 am and we were to be back at the boat by 11:15 am! Not possible, but those of us who were lagging scrambled and eventually made it back. Again, not for theimage faint of heart this adventure as it was a lot of work, navigating the waters and oftentimes slippery and sharp rocks in bare feet..wished I had some water shoes, but it was worth it! Back to the boat where our driver continued on for about another 1/2 hour to Playa Blanca( White Beach), and it was a tropical paradise compared to all that we have experienced here over the last few weeks on our Guatemalan travels. It is incredible how something like this time on a beautiful  beach can erase all the poverty and sadness that we have witnessed. It was like another world.  Warm waters, beautiful sandy bottom, which was a treat to the feet after the rocky adventure beforehand, blue skies, palm trees, sunshine and hammocks to laze in. Loved it. We had 3 hours to enjoy this before heading back to Casa Rosada where we snacked on some guacamole and relaxed for awhile before heading out for some supper at a little place up the road. There was a tv there so we caught a bit of the Oscars ( saw Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear skit..too funny) before the diner shut at 9:00 pm, made it back between heavy rain showers. Another happy day!😄.

Can’t pictures up..


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  1. Gary permalink

    Thats too funny that they watch the Oscars there. Not much to see. They sucked as always. Make sure and bring home some authentic recipes for us to try and make (guacomole…etc…)

  2. Susan Mannion permalink

    Kathy you are missing all the great weather we are having here. -23 windchill like -32. Lol

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