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The Hot Waterfall

February 23, 2015

imageDay 37 Friday, February 20, 2015

A great day today!!! Gary had told us about the excursion to the hot waterfall, declaring it is the only one in the world.. not so sure about that but it was awesome. My group did not want to go, preferring to lay around, but not me..I was outta here for the day. I was so happy that the 2 Swedish girls, the Swiss couple and the Irish fellow and I were going together, even though they were all ” young folk”; we had an amazing time. Again the weather was not great, rainy and coolish. Gary took us by boat over to Rio Dulce, where we caught the “collectivo” bus for the 45 minute drive to the waterfall site. About a $3.00 entrance fee, which included 2 guides who came along for our safety. We left our belongings in their care and slid into the cool water, but as we approached the waterfall it warmed up and under the waterfall it was steaming hot. It felt SO GOOD under that raging waterfall! Next thing I knew my pals were talking about going way up to the top of the waterfall and I thought, no way I am doing that….but ..of course I had to do it! I love challenges and swung like a monkey by the roots protruding from the huge tree and next thing I knew I was at the top..high up at the top. We followed the little stream of hot water to its source and there it was boiling hot. We covered ourselves from head to toe with the special mud that lay under the water, which apparently has restorative effects , then back to the top of the waterfall and down the roots we climbed again. It was pretty scary as the roots were slippery from the mud on our hands, but the adventure was worth it. So lovely swimming in the water there but especially awesome was the hot waterfall teeming on your head. I did not want to leave. The pictures I took of the waterfall do not give proper perspective of its incredible height, as I was standing up high when I took them. I felt like I was in the Jungle Book story. However, there was part 2 to our adventure. We jumped onto another bus and took another 1/2 hour ride or so to El Boqueron, ( there’s a good YouTube video about it) and paid for a boat ride, again about $3.00, up the river. Suddenly the boat stopped, as it could go not further due to rock blockage etc, so we were instructed to get out if we wished and wade with all our belongings to a rock ledge, then in our bathing suits, proceed further up the river, against the current, on our own to investigate and explore and the driver would return in about 2 hours. The rocky bottom was really slippery and difficult to traverse and the current was challenging, but we all did it and coming back to our boat pickup was fun as we were swimming WITH the current! Unfortunately, none of us got pictures of the fun we were having. I just loved my companions; the 2 girls , mid- twenties, from Sweden, were super friendly and so kind to me. They are friends who have been travelling all over Central America for the last several weeks and will be heading home 2 days before me. The Swiss couple were real gems..they are not married but have been together for 6 years and both early 30s and took a year and a half off from their jobs and decided they wanted to see as much of the world as possible and have been having an incredible adventure..travelling cheap but doing it all! Neither could speak any Spanish before coming to Central America but took 3 weeks in a Spanish school here 6 hours per day and they are expert! He made me laugh all the time and I told him he reminded me of Daniel Alfredsson, so got him to put my Sens Jersey on after supper tonight so I could tell everyone I met Alfie here and his wife actually could pass as Alfie’s wife. The Irish chap was not as friendly, travelling solo for awhile as well and 30ish I believe. I thought we would connect more when I told him my dad was born in Ireland, but I must say his accent was the hardest to understand. We returned late and had a lovely meal and chilled out.. bimage image image imageedtime before too long and last night with the kangaroo!


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  1. Marg permalink

    What an awesome experience. You won’t want to leave. Marg

  2. Gary permalink

    Very cool! The guy does look alot like Alfredsson. See you soon!

    • He was so nice..loved hanging with him and his wife..they left this morning early off to Copan in Honduras and to hostel I recommended. Imagine travelling for a year and a half but they are doing it cheap and like he says, they make good money in Switzerland at their jobs so now is the time to do it. I wish you would get the travel bug..there is nothing quite like it..seeing the world and how others live etc.LOVE YOU. Xoxoxoxo😄

  3. Jackie Holzman permalink

    You are amazing!


  4. Susan Mannion permalink

    Fantastic adventure you are having and meeting so many interesting people from all over the world, I am looking forward to getting together with you when you return at our usual watering hole.
    Hugs Susan

  5. That sounds so amazing, Kathy! And you are an adventurer and risk taker! Going against on the other side while you had a strong current is so dangerous, but I am glad you guys made it. Those falls also sounded like fun. 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Loved the hot water falls ..just like huge shower and not cold like most of the showers here..haha.😄xo

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