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February 22, 2015

Day 38 Saturday,February 21, 2015

Today we said good bye to everyone at Hotel Kangaroo. We really liked it there and an okay place to be when it is rainy and miserable outside. However, today the sun was shining first thing in the morning, so a great start to the day. Hotel Kangaroo is a short boat ride from Rio Dulce, whichimage is kind of aimageimage transit place for people going to different locations on the eastern portion of the country and also linking people to Honduras and Belize. Gary took us there and we caught a boat that took us on a lovely 2 1/2 hour boat ride to our new location in Livingston. The boat ride was very rough at times but very beautiful as we surged along the Boqueron River. Lots and lots of birds dipping and diving from the sunny skies and it was lovely to see all the Pelicans and other species I was not sure of. We arrived just before noon to our new  hotel, Casa Rosada, located our a little cottage all my own, enjoyed some lunch and took a stroll through town and then returned to hang out lazily on the lovely patio area facing the beautiful riverfront. Livingston is unlike anywhere else in Guatemala, largely inhabited by the Garifunda or Black Caribs. Theirs is quite a history; Spanish ships carrying slaves from Nigeria to America, wrecked off the coast of St. Vincent early 1600s, lots of fighting etc and this became the predominant race in this area of Guatemala. It is interesting that the only way to reach this unique place is by boat. Back up to town for supper, then home, a couple of games of Yahtzee and will shut the light as soon as I finish my blog. I am so glad I have kept a blog as I really cannot remember what I did from one day to the next, so I can read about my adventures when I get home…yikes…less that 2 weeks! I DO NOT want to see the snow!!!😃


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  1. Chris permalink

    If you don’t want to see snow you should come visit me on Vancouver Island when you get back!!

  2. Helina permalink

    Hi Kathy! Glad you got to see Livingstone. Whenever I used to walk around San Pedro people used to ask me whether I was from Livingstone – and with no internet readily around then, I had no idea what they meant. Once my Spanish improved and I discussed and understood this history then it made sense… I like how Guatemala – like a lot of interesting countries and in so many ways, is many places in one. Glad you’re enjoying all your time there! xo

    • Did you get to Livingstone? Xo😄

      • Helina permalink

        No never did – but thanks to your great reporting, I’m vicariously living it well through you: D!
        Keep enjoying yourself!!

  3. Jackie Holzman permalink

    I can almost guarantee that we will still have snow when you return! Travelling is such fun. We are visiting john,s daughter and her family in Calgary….back on the 27 th then we leave again on march 5.


  4. Suzanne Smith permalink

    this is day 38 btw.

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