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Castile de San Felipe

February 21, 2015

Day 36, Thursday, February 19, 2015

I was up early as usual, but the other members of the group had a good sleep- in, their first in awhile. We are upstairs in this rustic hotel, third floor, sharing a dorm. I tiptoed downstairs and went out and sat on the dock overlooking the water and enjoyed my book. I have read a few while on this trip and my favourite of them all is the Johnny Cash autobiography, which I picked up in Antigua, trading in another book at the Yellow House hostal. Loved the book and gained a lot of inspiration from amazing humble person. We can hardly believe that the weather has changed, as every single day here in Guatemala, we have experimageimageienced beautiful blue skies and wall to wall sunshine in the western highlands and here we have arrived to the tropical east, palm trees blowing, expecting hotter weather to relax, swim and soak up the sun.. but today it has rained most of the day. We have been on the go since we arrived and it is hard to settle down, I find, but the Kangaroo Hotel is a great place to be. The owner is super nice and the setting inside and out is very laid back and comfortable. Gary has a couple of motor boats and runs into town a few times, especially late afternoon to pick up more tourists who have booked. It is mostly young people backpacking from all over the world and that is what is so nice about staying in hostels and places like this; you meet so many wonderful people and hear their stories, where they have come from and where they are going. Really makes you want to travel more and you CAN do it on a shoestring if you wish and that is how I like to travel. Certainly in Central America it is possible..again, we are at this awesome place, which feels like we are in the middle of the jungl

Waving at my granddaughter Isabelle by Lago Izabel.

Waving at my granddaughter Isabelle by Lago Izabel.

e, on the water and we are paying about $8.oo per night. Supper time both nights there is a good crowd and good food! Janet, Ken and I had Gary take us by boat to an old castle  this afternoon and we spent a couple of hours there. It was a nice little adventure, exploring Castillo de San Felipe, on Lago Izabel,

Me with Gary, the Australian owner, in front of Hotel Kangaroo.

Me with Gary, the Australian owner, in front of Hotel Kangaroo.

image originally built in 1595, having had a few restorations since then. Back to the hotel and and Janet and I had a great game of Scrabble in Spanish..she won! Supper cooked by Gary’s wife and helpers and time to chat with lots of other travellers and off to bed in decent time for all..actually I think I am the only one up in the hotel..even the staff has shut down for the night.😃


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  1. Marg permalink

    Hi Kathy. Glad you are having a wonderful time. So many places to visit. Enjoy. Marg

  2. Tracy Millar permalink

    First one awake, last one to bed. Typical :). Enjoy the weather….even the rain! Hopefully we can save some of our minus 35 temps for you to experience when you get back!! It has been brutal here.

    • Don’t bother re the weather…sun is back in full force this you!xoxox😄

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