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Hotel Kangaroo

February 19, 2015

Day 35, Wednesday, February 18, 2015

After a good night’s sleep and yummy breakfast, our taxi picked us up at  7:45 am to whisk us off to the bus station to catch our bus for the next leg of our journey. Downtown Guatemala City at 8:00 am is like most big cities: jammed rush hour traffic and as I looked out the taxi window I thought how much it looked like any other big city, now that we are away from the Mayan cities we were visiting the last couple of weeks. Most people were dressed in North American style clothing, hustling and bustling off to work and school. One huge difference is there seems to be no pollution control and  certainly no E-testing of vehicles as the fumes are horrendous. The 275 kilometre ride to Rio Dulce was not as exciting in this standard bus as the chicken bus which would be less then half the price, but we opted for this bus today and it was certainly a nice upgrade. Beautiful, beautiful countryside and lush vegetation, and if it weren’t for the poverty, all would be wonderful for this lovely country. Soon we saw water and we knew we were close to our destination, the town of  Rio Dulce on Guatemala’s largest lake, Lago de Izabel, along the Caribbean coast. Getting off in the  town we walked down to the boat dock and, as per our instructions by the Hotel Kangaroo owner, we called him and he came over in his boat and picked us up. Gary, the oimage imagewner, is from Australia, hence the name and it is built on stilts in the mangroves.  The place seems very popular and we are excited to be here and just relax for a couple of days, although we are already making plans to do some pretty cool things while here …apparently the world’s only hot water waterfall is close by. After sitting on the deck overlooking the water and then enjoying a lovely meal, everyone seems content to just relax this evening, so I am writing my blog and then will curl up with my book. Doing my blog daily is important to me, as I record my day’s adventures and have a wonderful record to read back on, as each day is so busy and interesting, I could not possible remember everything. I was thinking a lot about xoHeatherxo today and of course that always makes me sad. She so wanted to travel and had bought a lovely big backpack to do so and I was so worried about that, with her being insulin- dependent diabetic. I like to think I am travelling for her. Love you, xoHeatherxo.😍


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  1. Barbara permalink

    Please post some photos of the hot water waterfall. Can one go swimming underneath? If yes, I hope you try it out.

  2. Trevor permalink

    Wow, I sure wouldn’t mind taking a dip underneath that waterfall. Sounds relaaaaaxing. It’s so cold in Ontario right now that Niagara Falls froze over! Heather would be proud of you exploring the world and lending your time to so many wonderful initiatives. She is with all of us always, in our minds and hearts. Love you xoxo

  3. Farrah permalink


  4. Tracy Millar permalink

    Sounds soooo nice……can you send some pics of the hotel? I need that waterfall right now – I hurt my back at the gym! Ouch.

  5. Kathy I love reading your blogs. You are an amazing person and I believe Heather is with you every step of the way. Hugs to you. Xo. Susan

  6. Kathy, as I said before recording your experience and sharing it, is the most coolest thing I have read feelig like I’m walking in the streets with you. So I am pretty sure that xoxo, Heather, is one who is by side with you. Your an Amazing mama.

    Have another good day.
    Xoxo, Vika

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