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Return to Guatemala City.

February 17, 2015

Day 33 Monday, February 16,  2015

We were all ready to be picked up by our driver at 6:00 am but the times were mistaken and we found out he was not coming until 9:00 am , so some of us sat and chatted until then while others went back to bed. Once on the road, we had a good trip with the same driver some of us had from Xela to Comi, a very nice man, an excellent driver as the roads are challenging to drive, especially for long hours. We made a pit stop in Xela for about half an hour and I went to the Central Parque area to sit and enjoy as so many people do there.  Almost as soon as I sat down, I was approached by a lovely lady trying to sell me her scarves etc but I politely told here I did not wish any, although they were very colourful. She had a beautiful smile and she sat down beside me. We chatted and talked about our families..she had 7 children and I told her I have 6. She has a girl named Kathy so that connected us of course and I asked a passing reliable looking hombre if he would please take our photo, and again, after showing it to her on my iPad screen, I wished I could give her a copy. Many people would wonder why, if the people here are so poor, why do they have so many children. I am certain many of these women would not wish to have such large families,  but with no birth control available, it becomes unavoidable for many. Before we left Comi this morning, outside our hotel  by the curbside, I saw a woman with 7  children all circled around her, a beautiful family and imageshe was feeding them tamales she must have gotten at the food market minutes before, as they were still steaming. I wondered what their day was going to be like. We finally arrived at Guatemala City to our hotel and were glad to be out of the van. We like the place a lot, especially the outdoor deck on the second floor with tables and chairs where we can hang out and read or eat etc. Off to bed by 10:00 pm..breakfast included and served at 8:00 am.. a little pricier as I believe we are paying about $20.00 per night!😃

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  1. Gary permalink

    So what is a typcial breakfast like? Any Mcdonalds around? Seriously? I dont know how you do it! Keep up the amazing work!

    • We have nice breakfasts, eggs ,fruit, toast, not typical for the poor people which would be rice, tortillas..yes there are McDonalds everywhere and Coca Cola you.xoxo😄

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