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February 17, 2015


Day 32 Sunday, February 15, 2015

What an incredible day as I sit on the edge of my bed at 10:00 pm to recap it. Our final day in Comitencillo, as tomorrow morning we are leaving at 6:00 am to go back to Guatemala City. We were meeting at 10:00 am, so I set out early to check out market day whicimageh is every Suimagenday in imageComitencillo. I have never experienced such an incredible market as the streets I usually walk on each morning, were completely filled with stalls and hundreds and hundreds of people selling and buying everything from soup to nuts, literally. The place was a beehive for the whole day. People were walking down the streets with pigs, sheep, chickens, cattle, rabbits and taking them to the animal market area. Kids of all ages, moms, dads, grandparents were all out there.. again, I sat on a corner qimageuietly observing what was taking place and loved this moment. At 10:00 am we loaded into the truck to take us up to a celebration by AMMID for all the students who were receiving bursaries, 6 in all. It was being held at a Demonstration Farm created by AMMID to teach the women good farming practices. We had seen them all this week, except for one who lives in an area where it is not safe for Canadians to visit due to the mining situation. We were all in a covered area outside sitting around the open space and many speeches were made and although my Spanish has improved, when people are talking quickly, I don’t often know what was said. Also, many of the speeches were in Mam so I did not understand at all. A most heartwarming event as moms, grandmas and dads spoke up and the look of their faces as they spoke said so much; the struggles, the pride , the appreciation for the Canadians who provided these bursaries; once again I had tears running down my face. The closeness of these children with their parents and the love is incredible. The mom whose husband left her and her daughter with nothing in the middle of the street.. and there they were together, hand in hand, many years later, celebrating that her daughter is having a chance to continue the education the mom never got. Rubin, head of AMMID was there and what a powerful speaker giving encouragement to the girls and their families. A delicious meal was served and everyone was happy as we all shared this meal together.  We got back to town about 2:30 pm  and I zipped to the internet cafe to post Saturday’s blog as we had to be at another location in town for 4:00 pm for a second celebration by another organization that Janet and Ken belong to, where they are sponsoring another 4 children for bursaries with Alianza, run by an Ontario doctor. They are a wonderful couple who give so much to help these young people. A great musical presentation and some speeches and again something to eat about 6:00 pm. We had a great day, with lots of love being shared with these beautiful families in Guatemala.  Back to the hotel to settle our bills ..mine was 270 quetzales.. about $7.50 /night.. (an incredible deal for a nice cozy room of my own and no bedbugs after all! ) and be ready to go out again at 7:00 pm, as we were all invited to Rubin’s home for supper and a shuj (shuck). This man is great! Head of AMMID, an organization working towards helping women and children improve their lives and head of a lovely family with his wife and 4 children who are fortunate to be growing up in a regular home, getting an education etc. After supper we were invited to go into the shuj, which is a traditional way for the Mayans to cleanse themselves. It was exciting to do this, although we spent only a short time imagein it, whereas the family takes a shuj together once a week, swatting at each other with herbal branches to help invigorate the body. The heat from the fire inside and the steam from the cold water poured on the fire helps in the cleansing. We were so relaxed and made to feel so welcome at this home, but we knew we must return to the hotel after a long, busy day today and another long day tomorrow, as we depart early in the morning to Guatemala City.



Trouble posting photos..wifi not good.


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Hi Kathy: You are snapping great photos.

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