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A Murder?

February 15, 2015

Day 31 Saturday February 14, 2015
Happy Valentine’s Day! Some signs of it here in some of the tiendas with some small items being for sale but otherwise not a big deal. We had a great day, though, with lots of love being shared with these beautiful families in Guatemala. Today our agenda was to visit 2 “cooperativas” where women have formed groups and work together to produce items for sale. Again, I believe this program is sponsored by AMMID and these women have a group leader etc. Way back up into the mountain we went with our trustworthy driver Rolando and stopped at one family ‘s home where many women with their little ones had arrived with beautiful items they had made. Liz is our leader and she buys many items to take home to be sold at fundraising ventures the GSP holds throughout the year. The price they ask is what Liz paid and everyone was very happy. Beautiful children and moms. We left there and were driven to another area where again we arrived at a building where there were sewing machines set up and just a couple of women there showing us all the items that the women is this cooperativa had made. Liz again purchased many items to be sold back in Canada. We were invited then to the family ” compound”.. I say that because it is quite hard to keep track of who is who and so many women and children are zipping by working at one thing or another. The children win your hearts over every time. They are so beautiful and so well behaved. So the women in charge of this cooperative, whose home we were staying at for lunch, was married at 15, has 10 children and is so beautiful and smart it is wonderful to see that she has risen above the grid with all the smart choices she has made. Her kids are being educated and right now her 14 year old son says he wants to be a dentist and so she dimage image image image image image imageecided to start a bread-making business to have to money to keep him in school. This young man was so polite and friendly and loved trying to speak some English with us as he is learning that in school. We bought about a dozen and a half of her buns and paid her a very generous sum in Gaut money ( probably about $13.00) as we so appreciated her giving us lunch and to support her new endeavour. I believe her husband built the special oven outdoors for her to bake her bread. Actually their home has a GSP stove that was built a few years ago and we saw it being well used as some of her older daughters were making tortillas while the soup was cooking. We left there, again a lot of hill climbimg and the children all have to walk quite a distance to school. Manfredo(dentist) caught a ride back in to town with us in the back of the truck as we was taking some dinner to his sister working in one of the shops there. It saved him a long walk, which he would make to return home. The whole family would be walking to church in the town for 5 o’clock. Virtually no cars here and only a few trucks , motor scooters and lots of tuk tuks. Back in town I headed to the internet cafe, then took a little tour to check out the Catholic Church the family would be attending and felt I must take a quick walk to the top of the cemetery hill at the end of the Main Street. I was a little nervous about this as we are advised to not do things like this on our own but it was still daylight and I just wanted to go to the top, look at the view over the town and come back down. Got quite a scare at the top when a young man popped out from behind one of the memorials. I looked behind him and saw a gang of other men.. I thought for sure I was going to be attacked and robbed and was really scared.. the only person who would know where to look for my body was Bryan who I had just emailed and said I was going there… I tried to act nonchalant, said my friends were waiting at the bottom of the hill, started walking down the hill.. my heart was almost leaping out of my chest. He tried to speak a bit of English, said how he wanted to go to Canada , had no work here ; he got on his cell phone to someone and I was sure this was the lead -up to my being robbed and murdered. It was one of the scariest moments in my life as I was a perfect target in a remote place..I thought I would be safe in a cemetery with God nearby! We finally made it to the bottom of the hill and we walked along the Main Street where there were families etc so I felt safer and I was so relieved I pointed to a panderia and asked if he would like something. He was all smiles and we said friendly goodbyes. Thank goodness ..I was safe! I WILL NOT do something like that again..lesson learned .. I was VERY, VERY scared. They are so poor here and we are warned about being robbed and attacked and not to go to unknown places alone..back to the hotel and out for supper to a little family restaurant which it seems we are the only guests there. There are no other ” tourists” in town as this is not a place tourists visit. We are the only white people but are accepted and treated well.. but we do have to be careful for sure…….sweet dreams…


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  1. Rodger permalink

    What a scary story! Glad you are safe and sound. Please be careful wandering around all on your own there!! Xoxo

  2. Helina permalink

    Stay safe Kat!

  3. Cuidado Amiga. Yes, it is wise to be wise!
    I’m sure Cimitancillo is relatively safe, but it is true that people are so much poorer so you need to exercise caution . Your story is a good lesson to remember.

  4. Oh my goodness, Kathy!!!! Don’t scare us like this!!! Be smart and aware!!! I am so glad that you were lucky these people didn’t choose to do anything . Very glad your in piece !! Xoxox lots of them!

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    • Thank you Vika..I made a bad decision..just thought I could run up to top , take a few photos..did not expect that ..xoxoxo😄

  5. Farrah permalink


  6. Gary permalink

    Please be careful! You might get away with that stufff in ottawa, but over there its a whole new ballgame! love you!

  7. Lynn permalink

    That is a very scary story. Please remember that we all want you to be CAREFUL!! Take good care of yourself. Missing you. Love Lynn xxoo

    • It was SUPER SCARY..keep thinking of how it could so easily have NOT turned out okay..yikes.I will be more vigilant from now on, especially my last week when I am totally on my own.xoxo😀

  8. Siobhan permalink

    Woah that sounds scary! Glad you are okay. 🙂

  9. Bryan permalink

    Glad you are safe Mom. Please be careful! be safe! Love you! Xoxo

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