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February 13, 2015

Day 28 Thursday, February 12, 2015

This morning I went with Ken to the nearby market for breakfast and we both enjoyed it so much we are going back tomorrow. Scrambled eggs with cut up wieners; cauliflower, beans and tortillas, followed by a lovely warm drink which is called atoll, something like thinned sweetened cream of wheat. Best of all was the camaraderie with the locals, actually 3 teachers sat across from us, the people cooking up our breakfast were so friendly and everything about the place made us feel good..including the price of the delicious breakfast! At 8:00 am we met our truck driver and we all crammed in as usual. No seat belts, riding in the open box etc etc ; rules we would not want to break at home. It was quite chilly this morning and I should have known to take my jacket as I more or less froze all day..don’t like being cold! We headed out to document more stoves and more walking, climbing, puffing and panting going up, up up again on very uneven terrain. We  passed many fields of brussell’s sprouts which had been picked but the stalks still remained, which are exported. We did a couple of stoves and then headed to one of the schools to see Rubelsi. He is a boy the group met last   image image image image image when they went to his home to do a stove and when they spoke with  the children apparently Rubelsi did not respond and before they left they determined he could not talk or hear, at 13 years of age. They made arrangements with the local partner AMMID( sharing and he was taken to be tested and he had no hearing or speech and the hearing apparently cannot be corrected with a hearing aid. So AMMID arranged for him to spend one day a week with a hearing tutor, who herself has a deaf daughter and he is making some progress while he is at school in a regular classroom the other days. Liz, from Ottawa and a great leader in the GSP program, has worked very hard to get things happening for him. He was all smiles when we arrived at his school and she prepared an activity aimed at helping Rubelsi for the whole class, after explaining everything in Spanish, which these children understand, about his handicap. Just before leaving she presented him with his very own soccer ball and he was so excited, we heard a roar come out of his throat! This deaf tutor is taking her own child to a school for the deaf daily on the bus and has offered to take Rubelsi. We figure it will cost about $1000.00 for the year and we all want to help him so we are working on a plan, even if it means the group of us chips in to make it happen! We are cooking up some other plans to keep him attending this school, as we believe this young man deserves to have this opportunity. He had had a very rough life so far. So after that we did some more stove documenting, had lunch with some of the families GSP has helped, visited another school and more documenting. Back to town about 5 pm, we did our own things and as some of the group had an important meeting to attend to, Jim, Liza and I met for supper and looked around for someplace to eat. They are only 2 restaurants  and we decided to head back to the market area and we had yummy fried chicken and fries, topped of course with tortillas! Restaurants just cannot survive here as the locals cannot afford to eat in them and the town is filled with stands everywhere offering interesting food selections. After our filling dinner we returned to our hotel and we all retired to our rooms to relax and settle down for the night. I love my room; it is comfy and quiet, unlike the room I had in Xela, where it was extremely noisy from the ongoing traffic outside my window. Sweet dreams.😊


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  1. Hi Kathy!
    Wonderful to hear your going on with the warmhearted group and your feeling better I hope! Sounds like a crazy busy and Long days. Hope you rest.

    I would love to help you raise some money for Rubinski, I would donate towards the group to help him to have a much easier transfer with the lady and to enjoy his life to the fullest. Sounds like a tough little boy! $30 will come from me .

    Have a good nogjt.

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    • Vika you are so kind and generous and honestly I appreciate it so much. I will let you know what is happening when I know.Hugs.xoxox

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! I hope your day is wonderful of all today! Everyone celebrates love. 🙂

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