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To Market, to Market..

February 10, 2015

Day 25  Sunday, February 8, 2015

This morning we left the hotel at 9:30 am and went by van way up into the mountains, a good hour’s drive to some natural hot springs. It was fun to go there but I overdid it in the hottest pool and stepped out to put my earrings aside and almost fainted but someimage image image image image image people from our group came to my rescue.. I had to ” take time out” , as Janet has nursing background and wouldn’t let me return until I had fully recovered. Was more careful after that. Love hot springs! Wish we could have stayed all day.
We left at 1:00 pm and returned to our hotel and as everyone had either eaten a meal up at the hot springs or snacked like me on healthy, chips and cookies and chocolate, we prepared to go out for the afternoon. Some of us took a micro bus which is actually an old van that comes roaring though the streets all day long with someone hanging out the door yelling to attract passengers and everyone is packed in like sardines.This is what they do with the buses too. It is risky business trying to walk along the street but the so-called sidewalks are risky too! We were packed into the back and and had to climb over everyone to get out at our stop, which we had decided was the big market square. For 25 cents the ride is worth it! I just loved it at the market and could just stand there and watch the “busyiness”..we spent about an hour and a half there, bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies from the beautiful people who love it when you take a photo, after buying something, and are so happy when you show them afterwards. I wish I could give them the picture..they would be thrilled! We walked back; stopped at a coffee shop for Steve to get a coffee and then soon afterwards home. Most everyone had decided to go out for supper but Steve invited me to share supper with him and I was happy to join him. It was delicious! He whipped up a stir fry in the hotel kitchen, with all the lovely fresh veggies he had picked up. What a nice young man he is ; happily married with 3 children, a social worker for the city of Ottawa and living in Stittsville. No working fridge in our hotel, cold showers and many other deficiencies, but at least the bedbugs did not materialize. With a rating of less than one star and for $8 a night, it is OKAY..we have use of the kitchen and a large communal area to hang out and meet etc.  Blog done, off to bed to read a bit……


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  1. Marg permalink

    Love to read all your blogs. Love the pictures of the fresh fruits and veggies. The hot springs sound awesome. Marg

  2. Jackie Holzman permalink

    You are having amazing experiences!! But go easy on the change in altitude…it can really get you!! Hugs. Jackie >

  3. Gary permalink

    Cold showers sound a wee bit intense…..but would much rather those over bedbugs!!!! Have an awesome day!

  4. Farrah permalink

    Is that Steve in one of the pictures? I feel like I recognize that guy?! That market beats Carp any day! Lol xx

  5. Bryan permalink

    Beauty pics! That market looks sweet!

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