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Stove Number Five

February 10, 2015

Day 26  Monday, February 9, 2015

I just want to thank the people who already have contacted me to say they would like a scarf. It seems others are selling them for $15, but I feel good about my $10 price and actually got 15 more. I am thinking that if I sell the 40, that will be $400 and minus my costs, witimage image image image imageh what I have already raised, I will have met my obligation to raise $450 for 2 stoves. Yippee! Today was our last day to do stoves and up into the highlands we travelled and once again into our groups etc. David was our mason a second time and I like him as he is very efficient and very particular. I have done a lot of mason work and I feel good about that. Lovely family, not as poor as some of the others and again so nice to see the family bonds. Married 2 years ago with a one year old baby. The home next door and practically attached is where the inlaws live and they too were getting a stove. A brother of the padre in my house also lives there with his wife and children. The family members run back and forth and help each other. Mom of the madre in my house was there today too ..she lives a 45 minute walk away. I love the way the women carry their babies and I am sure the babies love it too, although it is not just babies they carry this way, it is also toddlers. They hoist the child onto their back and then wrap the blanket in such a way that the child is safe and sound, close to mom, whatever she is doing. No cribs, play pens, monitors and all the other paraphernalia moms in other parts of the world must have. Watched a 15 year old in the house next door do some beautiful weaving on a huge loom..he was so good at it and the material was looking gorgeous. Back to our hotel and I made a big batch of guacamole for everyone and cut up some fresh fruits I had picked up and along with some nacho type chips, and other contributions, everyone sat around the table and shared stories. Too full for supper, I packed my backpack ready for our departure tomorrow for the next leg of our journey. Janet and I zipped out to the lady with the hot milk and this time we added rum and it was extra delicious, as we sat on the edge of the market square watching, the world go by.

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  1. Susan Wrightsell permalink

    Kathy I will take 2 scarves if you still have some.

  2. Bryan permalink

    I would love to buy a scarf. Love you!

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