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Colitas Felices

February 9, 2015

Day 24, Saturday, February 7, 2015

There are a couple of organizations here in Guatemala who are partnered with the Guatemala Stove Project and many people who connect with and help us while we are here. Isham is a beautiful young Guatemalan woman who joins us each day and helps with translation for the masons and organizing many other aspects of our day. Karen, one of our volunteers from Ottawa who has been with the group for awhile , arranged for a few of us to go out to her home for a visit. She picked us up at 11:00 am and we had a lovely visit with her at her home away up on a mountain. Her husband is a director of a school and she has 3 beautiful young daughters and a very nice home by Guatemalan standards. We had taken some fruit and other snacks and she provided some too, including guacamole, which we all ravenously enjoyed. Isham then took us to a Mayan sacred imagesite way up to an even higher spot on the mountain and talked about the importance of this. It was beautiful. We were driven back into town after that and dropped off at Colitas Felices, which means Happy Tails, and we were all mesmerized by the work this lovely couple is doing to help all the  stray dogs wandering the streets here in Xela, common I believe, to the whole country. She is from Czech Republic and he is from here but they met at university in the United States and both have a passion for making a difference and already have. Looking at their website a person sees many happy and sad stories about dogs they have rescued from the streets. They innoculate and neuter them, feed and clean them up,  then try to find good homes for them, a difficult job as these dogs in the street are wild. They have a vet here that gimageives them reducimageimageed fees but otherwise they provide everything themselves. Their little shop is in town but their home is high up in the mountains and currently they have 21 dogs they are caring for there. One dog we all fell in love with was in the shop in a pen as he is recuperating from the surgery that was required from the horrible condition he was found in. His name is Simba and he responded well to all our soothing petting. We spent about an hour and a half there, made a donation and left. Although I am not an Indian food lover, my friends are, so we headed back to the place we ate the other night, had some supper and then wandered the streets a bit before heading back to our hotel. Many vendors are selling things and some of us got a glass of hot milk that was sooooo delicious, sugar added and cinnamon..we loved it..must try that at home. 5 of us in our group, we hung out in the lounging area, chatted, drank tea, played some cards and soon the others returned, chatted some more, then off to our rooms for the night. Although I don’t like Facebook, I made sure to go to the Colitas Felices site and “like” it, as I admire so much the work this dedicated couple does. Having trouble uploading photos..will try later.


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  1. Barbara permalink

    You are living the dream! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gary permalink

    Love the pics of the mountains in the background. Looks so far away from civiliazation and stress of the big city we live in. -25 again today ehre, better off where you are! love you!

    • Every day I have so many beautiful experiences ..just wish my family was enjoying it with me.Love you.xoxoxo😄

  3. Bryan permalink

    Cute doggie

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