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February 7, 2015

Day 24 Friday, February 6, 2015

Tom, the leader of our trip here to Guatemala, purchased a large quantity of beautiful, colourful Guatemalan scarves and I bought 25 of them and will be selling them for $10.00 each when I return home and am hoping that I will sell them quickly, as to be part of the volunteer project I am to fundraise enough for 2 stoves at $225.00 each. I have done some fundraising already, but need to do more. The volunteers pay their own expenses to get here and while here, and fortunately the cost of living here is very low, such as the hotel we are staying in costs us each about $8.00 each per day and that is including breakfast. We had to pay $50.00 each when we arrived and each day a different group dips into this fund to prepare a yummy lunch for everyone so we can eat it ” on site”. Today was not a stove building day but a one and a half hour trip up intoimage image image image image image image image the mountains to a village named Panimaquin. The main purpose of this trip was to experience more of the culture and beauty of Guatemala, but also to visit the school that Tom and his wife Rita built in memory of their son, Sam, who was killed about 7 years ago, on his bicycle while attending college in London, Ontario at age 20. The scenery driving up into the mountains was stunningly spectacular, as only those who have the opportunity to witness themselves, would understand. On our way we stopped at a Glass Blowing factory, employing many Guatemalans, and were able to watch the work and see how the recycled glass was turned into beautiful glassware. The school gives children who live high up in the mountains, a good opportunity to get their education, but only to grade 4. I believe after that they have to travel a fair distance on foot to a school and many sadly do not make it. The kids were cute, of course and they did a few little presentations for us and then we got to mingle  and play with them. I loved watching the little boy play  with the small round hoop and the stick…quite a game made from found materials. Some women were cooking tortillas and I was watching and was happy when they asked if I would like to help them…had a difficult time trying to make one small tortilla! The houses clustered near and around the school were a big improvement over the ones we visited earlier this week and have running water and electricity, but they are very isolated. Tom was very instrumental in the water arriving, using money donated at the time of his son’s death, along with the help, I believe, of the Perth, Ontario Rotary Club. Home and our daily group meeting, which is always interesting and then a small group of us headed back to the Asian restaurant we enjoyed last night. The next 2 days we are free to make our own plans.


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  1. Farrah permalink

    I’ll buy a scarf!

  2. Jackie Holzman permalink

    Save a scarf for me please! >

  3. RALPH MILLAR permalink

    Hi KathyCount me in to buy one of your scarves. I would like early selection from your supplyplease.                                   Pat

  4. Helina permalink

    Hi Kathy – put me down for two scarves please.
    Great job on all your hard work with the stoves this week! xo

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