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Stove Build Number Three

February 5, 2015

Day 21 Wednesday, February 4,2015

I loved my day today, as we built a stove for an amazing and unforgettable family. Placed in our groups and off we went to meet up with our masons and head to our families. With our mason was the most smiling and charismatic “hombre”, who, as it turns out, was the padre in our family. He took the day off work to help us and he dug right in there, helping with all aspects of the project. We climbed up a very big hill to reach his home and a humble abode it was. As we walked up the hill, there, sitting under a tree were 5 of the cutest little children; a 11 year old boy; 8 year old boy; 4 year old twin girls dressed in the Mayan dress and a baby girl qabout a year old. This family has “nothing”, by our standards but they had everything , as the bond between everyone in that house was so powerful, it filled me with joy. The boys stayed home from school to be part of the stove building experience and, except for the baby, they all helped. The father, Domingo, was especially good with the children and the oldest boy, Eduardo, is definitely a very important member of the family, as you would hear his name being called quite frequently by both the mom and dad and right away he would respond happily. They have no toys, Nintendo, play stations, IPads, IPods etc etc and the children were always together with the older ones taking responsibility for the little ones. I looked once and saw Eduardo doing his sister’s hair and just had to snap that photo. Watching them on the rope swing tied high up on the tree was so fun. They were having a blast. I had some beads and string and took a break and helped them make little bead bracelets and I also had fun playing soccer with them..they loved too. I was sorry we were not returning to the area we were yesterday to give out the glasses, but another opportunity presented it self and I took a chance and offered them to 2 older women at one of the other sites and it was amazing! The reaction was as I expected…sheer joy as they discovered how much they could see! As always, we had our group meeting before supper and lots of good discussion before heading out to supper and a presentation about the difficulties facing many people in the beautiful country of Guatemala.
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  1. Tracy Millar permalink

    Wow – sounds awesome. We are all very proud of you for doing this!!

    • Thanks..wish you and Steph were to make this trip.I guarantee you all would love it.xoxox.Love you.

  2. Gary permalink

    We definetly live in an age where technology consumes us! It would be nice to go back to simpler times……family is most important and not a million things, pulling us in a million directions every single day! Keep up the good work…i gotta run, my cellphone is ringing and i got some emails to check……lol.

  3. Bryan permalink

    Great job Mom! Beautiful pictures!

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