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Stove Number Two

February 4, 2015
Adobe wall.

Adobe wall.


image Day 20 Tuesday,February 3,2015
The wifi is not too good here at this hotel but I really want to do my blog each day and try to post pictures..took me forever last night and had better luck early this morning. Okay, today we were divided again into our five groups and what was neat is that we were placed with a different mason and different partners. I had to work a lot harder today but it was great to be part of this incredible project. Apparently Tom, the leader from Perth, Ontario saw an ad in the paper about a church in the US wishing to sponsor the building of 5 stoves in Guatemala ..this was in 1999. He volunteered and has since been responsible for over 6,000 stoves being built incredible is that! Quite a different house we went to today. A much nicer home with a mom and husband who was at work and their 3 young children. Neater, cleaner and with electricity, but still no refrigerator or washing machine and needing a stove. Her mom’s home was just down the road a short distance and she was having a stove built today too. Her mom’s place is pretty interesting, with a nice courtyard and attached is her son’s home and his wife and children live there and so everyone is very close and again one big happy family. The daughter’s old wood stove had some ventilation but the mother’s didn’t and I went in to see what it was like in the cooking area and I could hardly stand being in there for 3-4 minutes! It was awful! The smoke was in my eyes and I was coughing and had to get back outside and these women who cook in homes like this suffer greatly as they spend hours at a time in there. The daughter-in law was in there with her children and none of them seemed bothered but I guess they are used to it, day after day. The elder mother’s eyes were squinting whenever I saw her so I am planning to drop by if I can tomorrow and drop off a little gift of 4 pairs of Dollar Store glasses and some yummy Canada maple leaf candies. You see nobody with glasses and for sure many need them. I hope the mother is surprised and happy when she puts a

Mud bricks drying.

Mud bricks drying.


pair on and others can use them too. I learned about Adobe houses today. I never knew what they were but they are houses made out of “bricks” made of mud, water and straw or pine needles. The bricks are quite large ( about 10 by 20 by 4 inches) and once they are formed they are laid out in the sun to dry and then used to build homes. Actually about 1/3 of the world lives in these homes. I saw these ” bricks” lying out in the sun and asked about them and got a mini- lesson. The son-in- law built 2 lovely looms in an attached building and makes his living at weaving. I was very appreaciative when he gave me a piece. 2 very happy families! Back home and a meeting with all the volunteers and then out for supper at a little restaurant close by..a delicious chicken dinner for about $3.00.


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  1. Gary permalink

    Very cool about he bricks. So does every family just maek the bricks on their own or do they buy them? Your helping change peoples lives one stove at a time! Way to go! Since your a world away wanted to let you know that John Baird stepped down….he is no longer in politics…….Love you!

  2. Barbara Dodd permalink

    Very interesting. I didn’t see a picture of a finished stove. You should take one of it partially built and then the finished product. Do they use wood to fuel it?

    • I was sure I did post before and after photos..yes they use wood. Had amazing day again today , incredible experience..ox

  3. Farrah permalink

    How did the glasses work for the lady???

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