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February 2, 2015

Sunday,February 1,2015

We loaded on the chicken bus at 8:30 am, expecting a 3 hour bus trip to Quetzaltenango. It was the most spectacular and exhilarating trip I have ever taken. It was AWESOME!I cannot put into words how this bus trip impacted me. The driver was unbelievable how he handled the corkscrew turns; bumpy, narrow roads up, up, up and down again in and around the beautiful mountains. He had a horn attached to a string that was attached to his rear-view mirror and he was pulling on it constantly ..short beeps/long beeps as everyone on the has to get out of his way as he goes barrelling through and on top of this there is Latino music blasting and all of this for 25 quetzales which is about $ 3.50 American. I think you have not lived until you have ridden a chicken bus. We were about half an hour ahead of time also. Incredible! So now we are here and this is Guatemala’s second largest city nestled in a beautiful mountain valley ringed by volcanoes. It goes by its Mayan name Xela. We took a little stroll around the central park area and also grabbed some local food for lunch. Many people seemd to be hanging around this man that was peeling oranges and cutting them in 2 and then sprinkling 3 different powders on both halves.Of course with my lack of sugar all week I am thinking that is what it is and order was not sugar but I soon learned it was 3 different types of pepper, one of them being hot. Needless to say I won’t be getting one of those again but they sure were popular. Back at the hotel, met up with the rest of the stove building gang( 19 total) who arrived early afternoon. We were assigned our roommates etc, then went out for supper at a bar named Solen Tecum, which is the oldest bar in Guatemala, founded in 1935. Heading to bed now and expecting to meet up with bed bugs so we shall see. Early rise in the morning to start our stove building.image



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  1. Denise :) permalink

    This part of where you go to build the stoves will be a true experience amongst the people of Quatemala. I can only imagine the sounds, air, smells, temperature. A smile is a beautiful language and the eyes speak too. I look forward to your new view on life when you return home. You are always a caring person Kathy and this experience enhances your outlook. Love Denise 🙂 and canine Sarah “/

    • It will be q readjustment again just like after my stint in Nicaragua. From so little to so much.xox😀

  2. Rodger Sadler permalink

    Great that you are trying some of the local delicacies! The ride on the chicken bus sounds scary and exciting at the same time. Being way up in the mountains must be so cool!

  3. Gary permalink

    Sooooooo….any bedbugs? i wouldn;t be able to sleep thinking about those things attacking me.

    • Nope..not yet..this hotel is noted for them when group stayed last year but best deal for large group.oxo.Love you.xoxo

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