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A Beautiful Boat Ride to Santiago de Atitlan

February 1, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The father at my Homestay is gone to work in the mornings early and we seldom see him, but this morning after breakfast I had a nice visit with him and loved the photos he has taken of the beautiful people here. However, to be polite a visitor cannot capture these same images, unfortunately, but today walking down to the wharf I saw a local sitting by the side of the road and snapped it because he was asleep! We took a boat ride( about 30 minutes) across the lake to Santiago de Atitlan.It was so beautiful crossing the lake with the mountains all around, blue skies etc. I love the choco-bananas and also tasted a choco-pineapple and another fruit one that a young man was selling from his cooler and several locals were laughing at me with my um-um-ums! My favourite part of our day was visiting a museum which celebrates the Mayan culture, especially the traditional weaving and we learned a lot about that. Ken, Janet and I were the only ones in there and while they were occupied I challenged myself to talk to the Mayan man in Spanish and did “ok”. In this town we were told we would see more men in the traditional clothing but there were not many. They are being pushed out of this tradition, sadly, while the women are fine. Love seeing the Mayan manner of dress. We liked the town but too touristy with so many being aggressive to sell their wares and we were glad to head back to San Pedro about mid-afternoon. We came back in a larger boat and I sat at the bow and I felt so content ..the Latino music was playing and the water, weather, views etc were just perfect. Back to the school and used the internet for a bit and on my way home was lucky enough to get into the grinding shop I guess you would call it, to talk to the man who owns the business and image






imagesee the machines for grinding the coffee beans,cocoa beans, corn etc. I was so was great. Home for supper…the father’s 50the birthday celebration and first dessert all week..lovely cake, as they do not eat desserts! Many relatives had been celebrating at the home all afternoon and Maria worked very hard for the preparations. After supper I roamed around the town and went to see the biggest Evangelical church which had piqued my curiosity. At the Internet cafe now…caught up with my blogs..soon home and to bed. Early departure tomorrow..not sure when I will see wifi.

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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Very beautiful people to live with and learn about survival. A few more weeks to follow your adventures and view your photos. In the second photo of the lake, what is the white crystal material floating atop of the water? Enjoy the days ahead. 🙂

  2. Helina permalink

    All beautiful pictures Kathy!

  3. Gary permalink

    Hello! Why can you not take pictures of people? Is it because they feel you are exploiting them? Glad you had a great weekend!

    • It is rude I think..sometimes I sneak photos and often pretend photographing something else. Of course the kids love having their pictures being taken and I always ask them too.😄oxox Love you.

  4. Bryan permalink

    Beautiful pics. The water looks so nice. As do the locals 🙂 Love you! Miss you!

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