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Another Picture-perfect Day.

January 31, 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015
Woke up at 6:00 am to beautiful Latino music blasting from a neighbour’s home. Sounds carry easily here due to the unusual construction on the homes and how they are connected. I did not mind as I love the music here. Fresh pineapple and yummy pancakes for breakfast. Last day for Spanish lessons with my Spanish teacher. One week is not enough for the Spanish or even the whole San Pedro experience and many stay on for 2,3 even 4 weeks,as once they get here they do not want to leave. I arranged to meet Janet after lunch at the school and we had a very interesting afternoon. She had arranged for the father of her Homestay mother to take us on a little excursion. First we wandered to the edge of town to some property he owns and it was absolutely beautiful. He had built 2 cottage like homes and they were set amongst a huge garden which had beautiful flowers, coffee bushes, avocado trees and many other vegetables growing. I had never thought before how coffee grew and now I know. Large bushes with what looked like cranberries called beans which are ripe when they are red. These are picked and dried and then roasted and then ground and that is it. I keep thinking of that man and many others who climb high up into the mountain, pick coffee beans all day and then come back down the mountain with a 200 pound bag on their back to sell to the merchants. Not an easy job, especially at 57 years of age. Our guide rents out these cottages for about $300 a month, I believe, and they are fully equipped..a little bit of heaven on earth here. We then walked on to the “chocolate factory” , following a dingy path into a not so beautiful home where a man named Diego decided 18 years ago that he could make chocolate from the cocoa bean and now at age 50 is running a very successful business and shipping his chocolate bars to the U.S. and possibly soon Canada. It is a home- run business and the bags and bar wrappings are coloured by hand etc. I think he has about 16 flavours and I believe these are organic products which appeal to many. I am not an organic person but bought a few bars and they are tasty! We then walked along the lake, where the water has risen incredibly in the last year due to heavy rains and homes have been abandoned. It was quite a sight to see about 10 women with the family’s laundry down there scrubbing their laundry, which they will then carry back to their homes in a big tub on their heads. No washing machines or dryers and anyone who complains about having to do laundry, when all they have to do is push a couple of buttons should not. Maria and others handwash their laundry at their homes and I have just been washing my clothes by hand as I go. Clothes dry quickly outdoors. We were heading back to the school, but I got side- tracked when I saw some young boys putting huge piles of wood on their backs to carry up a steep narrow hill. A big load was at the bottom and one of the boys told me this is a daily routine, with all of them helping to get it to the top. Most of the boys looked to be about 7 or 8 years old! I had my IPad which I use for my photos and the kids love getting their pictures taken, so I had fun with that. Then to the school for fiesta night for a grand finale meal which had been prepared by the teachers. A great meal and a fun final time with our fellow classmates and teachers.


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    You have missed the heavy rain season which begins about May until October. What is on your next week’s agenda? Your time in San Pedro is one hour behind us at home. You may need to have a party upon your return to tell us more of what your senses have experienced. 🙂

  2. What an amazing trip!!! I really enjoy reading all about it!

    • It is amazing all right Colleen. This country is absolutely beautiful and I learn so many new things each day.ox

  3. Tracy Millar permalink

    Sounds like a great day…..sunshine, coffee and chocolate…..all tops in my list :). I did my laundry yesterday and no doubt I grumbled about it a bit!

  4. Maureen permalink

    Our children here in Canada don’t realize how bountiful their life is in comparison.

  5. Bryan permalink

    Bring me home some chocolate pleaseeee

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