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Locked Out!

January 30, 2015

Thursday,January 29,1915

A normal morning and trying to improve my Spanish..I wish I would not hear any English here and then I would have no choice. But love all the people I am meeting from all over the world with our common language English and we all revert to it! After lunch I headed back to the school and what I love so much as I walk to and from the school and other places is the laughter and smiles as the streets are lined with locals from early dawn until when I usually head back to my Homestay about 9:30 pm. Some have been sitting there all day with little children trying to sell something. They are not aggressive here like the vendors in other places, which is nice. In the afternoon, 2 women from one of the neighbouring towns arrived to teach us weaving with the reeds from around the lake. They, of course, were fast and efficient and when volunteers were invited to try, of course I did, and even doing 2 rows was backbreaking as you have to bend over the whole time using your hands and bare feet ro complete the project. Afterwards, Janet and I walked down to “gringo land” to check shuttle prices for our departure Sunday to meet up with the Stone Building Group on the next leg of our journey. I finally tasted a”choco- banana” and it was muy deliciosa. All it is, frozen, is half a banana on a stick dipped in chocolate with nuts on top! 15 or 25 cents, I’m not sure, but I will keep a supply in my freezer when I return! Back to the school for a bit to do some work and stayed right through until 6:30 pm when I decided to head home for supper. I was so busy I did not notice everyone had left and when I went to leave, the door to the school was locked. I looked all around the spacious grounds to see if I could jump a fence or something and no way! I went up to the landing on the rooftop, thinking frantically what could I do. No phone and no idea who I would phone and no internet as it was shut down.I was safe inside but I worried what my Homestay family would think. The place was locked up tighter than Fort Knox! Luckily the little shop across from the school was open. I hollered and they must have wondered what I was doing high up on the roof top but they came to my rescue. They knew one of the teachers from the school, went to her home and she returned with a set of keys!!! I was so thankful. By now a few people had gathered; I gave them all hugs and they burst out laughing. I was glad to be out and we were all happy! Home for supper and then back to meet a few others to once again head to “gringo- land” to say good-bye to Janice, who is heading home after 2 weeks here at Spanish school. We went to a nice bar/ restaurant..the rest had beers and I had my first coke in several days! Janice was telling us about a family she met on the fringes of town that lived in a complete shack, like a broken down garden shed. 9 children and a drunken father, the mother trying to feed and look after these children. She is thinking of sponsoring the oldest at school because unless someone advances their education, this family is doomed. However she has to make sure the money would get to her and her schooling. Home by 10 pm, the street still “alive with the

Making the mats.

Making the mats.

Everyone is happy.

Everyone is happy.

Up on the rooftop.

Up on the rooftop.

My teacher, Ruben.

My teacher, Ruben.

image sound of music!”


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  1. Marg permalink

    Looks like reed weaving is not in your future! Marg

  2. Barbara permalink

    Que suerte que todo se pasó bien al final y que no has quedado toda la noche en el techo!

  3. Denise :) permalink

    Eres demasiado divertido Kathy . Feliz sonrisas por todos lados. Glad to have google translation. Hope this helps with your Spanish lessons.

  4. Susan permalink

    Kathy – only you would get stuck in a locked school. ha ha. I love it although it must have been stressful for a while. Enjoy reading the so interesting adventures in the life of Kathy.

  5. Tracy Millar permalink

    It runs in the family :). Nice view from the roof at least!!

  6. Denise :) permalink

    Too funny. The photo is beautiful as you made the best of your time and opportunity on top of the roof. :)) The book of funny times while travelling the world would be a good seller/fundraiser. People from those countries would find your experiences fun and of good cheer.

  7. Barbara Dodd permalink

    Just love all the blurbs and constantly looking for a new one on the computer. I would have been having a good laugh too. Keep up the good work.

    • Haha..I was pretty frantic least I was not locked out on a FROZEN ROOF in FREEZING CANADA!xo

  8. Bryan and Nik permalink

    Beautiful pic of the mountains! Locked in a school!? Sounds worse than jail!

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