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Water, Water….Not Everywhere!

January 29, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Maybe the earplugs worked, as nothing woke me last night! My class with Ruben was pretty interesting as I leaned a lot about the water situation here in San Pedro.. not sure if it is country-wide. Their water comes from Lake Atitlan and is distributed to the homes here 3 days a week onlyimage



image and for one hour each of those days, street by street and if you miss the hour you are out of luck. So nonetheless they are very careful with their water use..I think how we overuse our water supply and take it for granted. In my Homestay the water is cold so it takes a lot of fortitude to get into it. I must confess I have not been showering daily for that reason! Most families buy the bottled water in big jugs but many just have to drink the lake water. Another very interesting conversation I had with my teacher( in Spanish!) was about the churches here. 50 years ago there was one Catholic Church here but some conflict developed and a group broke off from this church and built another Evangelical Church. However, soon conflict developed within this church so a group broke off and so it continued until now there are 29 Evangelical churches here in San Pedro( population 14,000) but still one Catholic Church. 70 percent of the population attends the Catholic Church and 30 percent the others! Headed home for lunch and then to the Internet Cafe, so hopeful I could get my photos up there but no luck. Walked then to the beautiful park outside the Catholic Church and also into the church and sat and reflected on my good life. Afterwards I sat in the garden to do my homework and along came 3 cute little boys selling “poporopo” , Spanish word for popcorn. I paid 25 cents for the little bag and was happy to know they had been to school in the morning. School is just 1/2 day here. I asked if I could take their photo and soon other kids were surrounding was fun, as everyone knows how much I love little kids! They loved seeing the photos I took of them.Time then to head back to la escuela for salsa lessons which again were so fun. Home for supper, then I decided I must visit the Evangelical Church close by and again sat there for a short while before heading back home. The streets here are so steep and they are not getting any easier and you have to watch out as they are so narrow and tuk tuks and motor scooters are whizzing up and down steadily. I don’t think I have seen a car, although many trucks are up and down delivering goods to the many little shops selling snack type items mostly . At the salsa event I saw Juanita and she helped me with figuring out why I could not get the photos to upload so I should be okay with that now, hopefully. Another incredible day in San Pedro la Laguna.


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  1. Gary permalink

    Soooo many cool things your doing. I bet that conversation you had with the teach in spanish went about as well as some of the ones me and you have had in french!!! LOL. Both of you probably left scratching your heads wondering what you were just talking about….hahahaha…just kidding! Very proud of you! im still working on my english and you got 3 languages under your belt! Go rent one of the Tuk Tuk things and go on a tour! I have always wanted to drive one! Anyways, Happy Friday! I miss you! 🙂

    • I have a long way to go to get the Spanish under my belt..lots are staying for 3 weeks or more and what a place to study!Sure beats the stuffy old classrooms inside.The tuks tuks are fun but very bumpy on these roads pavement.Love you!Have a wonderful w/e..sad to leave here on Sunday..wonder what lies ahead? MOMxoxo😇

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