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Guatemala today

January 29, 2015



Yay! Juanita showed me how to do this! Gracias!


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Hi Kathy: happy to see photos again. Your weather is very bright and pleasant looking equal to our Summer days here. We are averaging -15 with blue sun filled sky 🙂

  2. isabelle permalink

    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 🙂 looks epic, have fun

  3. Suzanne Smith permalink

    Yahoo. You got the pics uploaded!!!

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  4. Tracy Millar permalink

    The kids are so cute!! We watched that Dollar a Day documentary with Seany this week 🙂

    • Good job and that is exactly how it is..and good experience for everyone to see how they live and always big smiles.xo

  5. Farrah permalink

    First can I say just how jealous I am?! Wow what an amazing experience/adventure/trip! I love reading your updates each morning on the bus, en route to work. Bravo Kathy for living the dream. Enjoy the sunshine, we are only freezing here. 😘
    Farrah xx

    • I am so happy you are reading my blog and that I am having once again such an amazing travel experience. So much to see and discover in this big beautiful world!xox

  6. Bryan permalink

    Awesome pics Mom! You are an iPad pro!

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