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January 28, 2015

imageimageDay 13, Tuesday, January 27 , 2015
Last night there was a terrific cat fight outside my window, which of course woke me in the middle of the night.. not sure of the time..did not want to look and I think I went back to sleep for awhile! Maddie says she uses earplugs every night so may try mine tonight. Had a good lesson with Ruben in the morning and after lunch at mi Madre’s I met up with Janet and Ken on their 2 visitations to see students that they are helping sponsor with their education. There is public education up until early high school if the kids make it that far. Many drop out because they see they can get cash for selling things but what they don’t realize is that this cash is not enough to support them when they are older and have a home and family to sustain. Especially for imageimagethe girls who end up pregnant very young and the cycle of poverty continues. The 2 girls we visited with their families were lovely and working hard at their studies. One girl would like to be a lawyer and I told her about my son Rodger and encouraged her to continue working hard and with sponsorship of her costs I am hopeful she will make it! Their homes we would consider shacks but the warmth you feel from these folks is wonderful. We sat in the bedroom with 3 beds for our meeting with one family, the mother and her 2 daughters looking so beautiful in their traditional Mayan clothing. The other girl is living with relatives so she can attend school here in San Pedro and this man, like many, many men in San Pedro, walks the 1/2 hour or so up into the mountain to the coffee plantation where he cuts the coffee, then returns at the end of the day with 150 or 200 pounds of coffee strapped to his back and sells it to the merchants. I was in such disbelief when he said this. My backpack weighs 20 pounds and the first night I arrived here and had to climb the huge hill to my Homestay I was huffing and puffing. This man is 57 and makes the trip daily. You see many humped over with large loads of wood strapped to their backs. Incredible because this country is so hilly. Apparently in some of the nearby towns the women do this too. I went back to the paradise setting at the school and worked on a few things until it was time for the documentary. It was one hour long and called Domingo. Oh my gosh, what a story and a true one. I was in tears and learned so much from this documentary and urge anyone who can to try to see it..maybe it can be uploaded on the Also the film Living On One Dollar is available on Netflix and I highly recommend these films as they give so much insight into the lives on the people in Guatemala. Home for a lovely meal with the family and Maria showed us the beautiful clothing she makes and of course like all the other women here, sells on the streets in the markets when she has time. A wonderful, busy Madre! So kind and loving, as is all her family.

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  1. Marg permalink

    I enjoy reading your blog everyday. Marg xox

    • I just finished my Spanish lesson. San Pedro la Laguna is paradise in spite of the lack of ” essentials” we think we need in North America.We CAN live on so much less. I think people are happier here.xox

  2. Denise :) permalink

    Would be good to know how to support coffee pickers directly. šŸ™‚

  3. Gary permalink

    Do they pick the coffee by hand? And have you tried some fresh coffee from there….probably no starbucks..haha….!

  4. Gary permalink

    Love the pics! Seems like your having an awesome time! yeeehawwww! miss you!

  5. Maureen permalink

    Love the pics, Cathy. What an adventure!

    • I wish everyone would take a trip like is a wake-up call! Wonderful teaching experience for children..wish I could have taken all mine when they were young to appreciate the value of money have too much in our culture and everyone wants more!Sad.xo

  6. Bryan and Nik permalink

    Bring us back a couple hundred pounds of coffee if you can šŸ™‚ Love you!

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