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Enjoying my Homestay

January 27, 2015

Day 12 Monday,26/01/15
Unfortunately I did not sleep well in my Homestay. I was positive I heard a radio go on and thought it must be time to get up..looked at my clock and it was just 2:15 am! I was shocked and could not get back to sleep properly..maybe I was dreaming?! Anyways breakfast at 7:30 am. Our Madre said to pour the hot liquid in the jug into a dish and then put the cornflakes in and top with sliced banana. I wondered what the yellow liquid might be but it was delicious and found out it was a type of porridge….quite tasty! Off to school with my fellow estudiante, Maddie, for classes at 8:00 am. The setting for the school is absolutely stunning and each student and teacher has their own private outdoor cabana amidst this luxurious setting
( My teacher’s name is Ruben and we worked diligently until the end of class at 12:00 noon. Lunch at my homestay which was chicken with gravy, carrots/broccoli/rice and tortillas. Marie, the mother, seems to be always cooking tortillas, as they are a mainstay of the family meals. Met up with Janet, Liza and another friend and we walked down to the water’s edge and relaxed by the lake with the volcanic mountains surrounding us, under blue skies and warm sunshine. Not too hot with a nice breeze. I went back to the school where there is free wifi and did a few things on my IPad, then walked back up the huge hill to my Homestay. Cement block roads and very steep, up and down a few times each day. Supper was beans , cheese, scrambled eggs and more fresh tortillas with Marie and her 3 lovely daughters, where I did my best to chat with them in Spanish. Maddie has some sort of tummy trouble and had to miss supper. Just hope I don’t get it. It is so beautiful here, words cannot fully describe how amazing it is. Wish I could place my photos here.


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  1. Suzanne permalink

    I went on the site for the school/ homestay expereince, It is truly awesome. What an amazing experience and learning the language, the culture, the food their cutoms, everthing while in a lovely warm setting. Youa retruly lucky!!!

  2. Lynn permalink

    I went on the school/homestay photos – they are great. Your meals sound quite delicious and I hope you are enjoying them – you should be tired of tortillas when you get home (ha ha). Take care and continue to enjoy your holiday. Love Lynn xxoo

    • Glad to hear from you.. I think I will try an Internet cafe and see if my photos upload there better. Hope all is well with you and Wayne and Garfield. Out visiting a couple of families this afternoon as Janet is sponsoring a couple of students with school.They are poor but always smiling..have to do some homework now …lots of love,Kathyxoxo

  3. Gary permalink

    Hey mom! Curious, you say that you there is WIFI everywhere, but does the typical person who lives there have a computer? It sounds very awesome, and Im surprised that they have WIFI to be honest…….

    Dont forget to bring me back lots of expensive gifts!

    Love you!

  4. Helina permalink

    Hi Kathy! I am so glad you, Janet and crew are enjoying the experience. San Pedro and La Cooperativa are as enchanting as I remember them – I truly feel transported back! Especially at your description of the drive there! Best of luck with your lessons and of course getting your pictures up (the Internet Cafés were where I used to go for decent connection…). Keep Enjoying : D! — Helina xo

    • Good idea re Internet cafe…I can upload to email but not the blog…been super busy and all is good!Hasta luega!kathyox

  5. Denise :) permalink

    Your meals sound delicious and under the blue sky. 🙂

  6. Maureen permalink

    The teacher becomes the student. How great is that!

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