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San Pedro la Laguna

January 26, 2015

Day 11 Monday, 25/01/15

What a great day once again. Right now I am in my new Homestay and experiencing what I do in my own home, except this time I am the student. My madre and my
padre are very nice and they have 3 lovely daughters and a nice home. I will sleep here all week and have 3 meals a day and go to Spanish school each morning for one on one teaching for 4 hours. It is exciting! We came by van from Guatemala City, to San Pedro la Laguna, the 170 km taking 4 hours. We said goodbye to a Hank and Lorena at Dos Lunas, although we will see them again.They are so fun and so nice and she makes the best guacamole from the avocados on her tree! The drive was very interesting watching out the window and seeing the various pueblos we passed through and the road we travelled going up and then down the mountains was unlike any I have have experienced. Narrow, narrow roads and twisting like a corkscrew. Thank goodness for a good driver who knows the roads! I love the flowering bushes that are everywhere: so colourful. Seeing the people piled into the trucks transporting them to and from their destinations is astonishing. Thank goodness they are held in by a rack. Regular trucks with families in the back are so common too. Chicken buses are whizzing by everywhere.; they are the old school buses that are retrieved from the USA and put to use in Central America, often brightly painted and decorated and so so cheap to travel in..$.25 takes you a long way! The women in Central America are all so pretty with their long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and the traditional clothing they wear is so beautiful. San Pedro la Laguna is one of many villages lining Lake Atitlan, a beautiful lake hemmed in by 3 volcanoes. 20 new students enrolled today and everyone has a story as to why they are here. A group of us walked around in the evening and visited “gringo land” which is an area with many cafes , bars etc where the folk from outside the country like to hang out.People from all over the world love to come here to study Spanish, it is such a beautiful setting. Too bad I heard there is a lot of drug and alcohol problems here with the families and of course the children again suffer. On a positive note, I think it will be a fabulous week.

I am having trouble uploading the photos, which is disappointing. Also unable to upload my photos from the other day. 😊


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  1. Marg permalink

    Enjoy your stay. Good luck on the Spanish.

  2. grad76 permalink

    How are you? Did the soap turn out okay? 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  3. Barbara permalink

    Espero que vas a pasar una semana muy feliz y productiva aprendiendo el español a San Pedro.

  4. Rodger Sadler permalink

    The drive up into the mountains sounds exciting. Good luck with your one on one Spanish lessons.

    • Thank you..I appreciate you reading my blog..once in a lifetime experience.Hope you have the kids hooked up and maybe they can make a comment.Wish I could post my beautiful is wall to wall blue skies,sunshine warm and so interesting..every day is a new experience.xoxo

  5. Denise :) permalink

    We all love you Kathy and appreciate you too. Nakurmiik 🙂 (Inuktitut-Thankyou)

  6. Bryan permalink

    Sounds like a beautiful place! Love you! An avocado tree? That would be the dream!

  7. Lynn permalink

    Sounds like your Spanish is doing well. The pictures look great and I noticed that the kids are nicely dressed. Enjoy. Love Lynn

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