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Goodbye Yellow House

January 24, 2015

Day 9 Friday, 23/01/15

We love the Yellow House hostel..homey; clean; great price; great location and yummy breakfasts, along with meeting so many other nice travellers! We did another tour of the city, heading first to the Parque Central which is always so interesting, as that is where the action is. I could just sit there for hours enjoying the beautiful sunshine and watch the world go by. We also checked out some ofimage image image image image imageGoodbye hello house the major sites in the city we had missed, trying hard not to get lost as it is an easy city to get lost in, the way it is laid out. Our shuttle to Guatemala City picked us up at 12:15 pm and returned us to this smog-filled, bustling city of over 3 million people, the largest city in Central America. Back to Dos Lunas, the hostel we first arrived in at this country, with its wonderful hosts, Hank and Lorena. Elizabeth did a lovely lesson in soap making for them, which she is very good at, and now she is in bed as she has a very early departure in the morning back to Canada. I will miss her. 3 of the Guatemala Stove Project group arrive tonight and the next leg of my journey begins……


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  1. Jackie Holzman permalink

    You did it….and your stories are amazing! FYI they are all on this site, right from the first one, so they are all there for me to reread. Enjoy the next chapter. Jackie >

  2. Bryan permalink

    Good luck on the next part of your journey! Xo

  3. Barbara permalink

    Enjoy the next stage of your trip as much as you did the first!

  4. Denise :) permalink

    The volcano in the background is an amazing size. You would fit in like a local to sit and watch the world go around. The man and the wall with broken glass pieces is to keep the pests away? Now, time to go to work 🙂 All good come your way.

    • Good observation.Many places are protected by barbed wire rolls and the cut glass also serves as a deterrent. I talked a little bit with this young man who was doing this job with bare hands.He was so friendly.

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