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Magical Music!

January 23, 2015

Day 8: 23/01/15

So far on my trip I have been sleeping regularly until almost 7 am and this is wonderful for me as I usually wake up super early…loving it! After our delicious breakfast served in the garden, we walked the short distance into the town of Copan. We needed to be back to our hotel by noon to catch our shuttle back to Antigua. We headed to the central square and enjoyed the activities there and I was happy to see the shaved ice man there with his cart and again enjoyed one of these delightful treats. Too sweet for Elizabeth! We walked around the side streets for a bit also and when I saw the school I went to the door to see what I could find out re the many children selling things on the street and in the central square.The man was very helpful and explained the school I was at was a private school with kids in attendance but the public school is on holidays until February 1st, so I felt much better! Suddenly we could hear the most beautiful singing coming from the public square. Oh my gosh. It was incredible.This little boy who looked about 3-4 years old was singing the most beautiful Latino songs..people were gathering and putting money into a little container image image imageimage image image and so Elizabeth and I did too. I tried to video what he was saying, as someone from the press went up to interview him. When I looked closely I saw his legs were deformed and there were crutches beside him. Maybe they are trying to raise money for some medical assistance. I do not know as my video did not work, unfortunately, but it was so heartwarming I will never forget the sound of his voice and if there were CDs I would have bought one. His voice was magical and what a dear little fellow. We got back just in time for our shuttle and 7  1/2 hours later we were back to the Yellow House hostel, our home away from home in Antigua. We loved our excursion to Copan, Honduras!


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Hi Kathy: A sunny day to visit the local community, eat crushed ice, and listen to a lone child singing. Timing is everything. Glad you are getting long sleeps and with the longer daylight you can enjoy the views for a couple extra hours.

  2. Bryan permalink

    Awesome pictures! So clear and nice. Can’t wait to see all of them!

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