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Mayan Ruins

January 22, 2015

Wednesday, January 21,2015

Up at 3:30 am to catch the 4:00 am shuttle to Copan, Honduras with 12 other early morning risers:   2 Polish, a few Italian, one fellow from Israel, one from the States and the 2 Canucks. The drivers here seem pretty risky with the passing and it can be quite nerve -wracking but so far we have made any trips safely and soundly. When daylight appeared we were surrounded by the most beautiful mountains the whole trip and rolling hills with blue skies and sunshine.The temperature of couse is amazing. It was a lovely trip, arriving at the Guatemala/Honduras border about 10:30 am. Going through customs was tedious. Eventually we made it to our lovely B and B about 12 noon. The one thing that is so distressing to see is the garbage strewn alongside the roads and it stinks! Some of the towns keep it out of site and for sure a tourist one like Antigua has it well hidden. Truckloads of people including children go whizzing by and they sit on the edges of the truck which is scary! Skinny dogs criss-crossing from time to time and many people walking alongside the road with huge loads piled on top of their heads. Shacks for homes but everyone smiling! After settling into our room and touring the beautiful grounds of Casa Cafe, the owner ordered a tuk-tuk to take us to the Mayan ruins, about a 10 minute very bumpy but fun ride.  Copan(with an accent over the a ) is one of the most impressive of the Central American sites and we loved every minute of our afternoon there. Absolutely stunning. We are both going to study up more on the Mayan culture history. We also were impressed with the Scarlet Macaw rescue mission being operated on the site, this bird being the national bird of Honduras. Our tuk-tuk guy seemed to be waiting for us to emerge and another fun bumpy ride back to the B and B. Copan is very small and not much else to do this evening so we relaxed here, had supper, played some Yahtzee and will get to bed a bit sooner..apparently breakfast here it amazing!image image image image image image

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  1. Gary permalink

    Very very cool! I want to check out some ancient ruins like that. Do the dogs that run wild attack? Like are they viscious or friendly? Glad your having fun!!!!

    • The dogs running loose do not bother anyone. It is best to not get friendly with them as they often carry bacteria. Lots of losse skinny dogs although you see a few leashed and well- cared for. Met a girl from Canada who is volunteering at a dog sanctuary here and loves the work.xo

  2. Susan permalink

    Wow – wish I was with you 2 Ladies. How interesting.

  3. Denise :) permalink

    Very beautiful landscape. The history of the Mayan people is to be learned for the pleasure of knowing the culture. The B and B is very quaint and clean. The trees are shaped differently along the distant mountain sides which reminds me of the paint strokes by a Thom Thompson painting from The Group of Seven. The experience to your senses is a life changing adventure for sure.

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