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Volcanic Pacaya

January 21, 2015

Day 6 Tuesday, January 20,2015

Just about to write my blog for today when I see that yesterday’s was still sitting in the drafts so am going to record day and date at start of each. I love writing my blog as so much happens each day and it is like a diary for me. Today was a great day again. Elizabeth and I did a few errands in the morning after a most incredible breakfast included in our fees for the hostel. Walking the cobblestone streets is interesting and many  tuk-tuks whiz by. At 2:00 pm we were picked up by a miniimage image image image image imagevan for our tour we signed up imagefor to Volcano Pacaya. 12 young people and Elizabeth and I and away we went. It was quite a long bumpy ride to reach the climbing site . Volcano Pacaya (2552 meters above sea level)is technically closer to Guatemala City but more easily accessed from Antigua. Our guide told us it would take one hour to climb up and then one hour down. It was hard as the path was filled with cobblestones a lot of the way and of course it was steep. They had other guides with horses ready to take those who could not make it. The guide asked me if I wanted to be led on the horse several times but the more she asked the more I knew I would make it to the top on my own. Elizabeth caved unfortunately! We took many photos and enjoyed the views along the way. The girls were all so friendly and we had fun. We climbed down to the plateau where the lava had spread and it was still warm and we had a hole dug and we roasted marshmallows on the lava..a memorable experience for sure.


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  1. Gary permalink

    Wow! Really cool! Love the pic of you at the volcano. I guess toasting marshmallows over a campfire is gonna seem pretty boring going forward!!!!

  2. Marg permalink

    I enjoy reading your posts. So many places to see! Stay safe.

  3. Denise :) permalink

    Good day Kathy: “…afraid of change…” note at the breakfast area is a chuckle. I wonder the age of the cobblestones? Looks to be very clean air in Antigua. Is the coffee flavour beyond comparison to Starbucks, as are the marshmallows cooked over lava compared to a campfire? Amazing sights. Years of physical training put to the real test. Thankyou for sharing your diary and photos.

  4. Tracy Millar permalink

    Great job climbing to the top! I agree with Gary, marshmallows at Fitzroy are going to seem really boring now…….jigga!

  5. Bryan permalink

    Good job for making the hike Mom! Love you and very proud of you!

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