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Goodbye to San Salvador

January 19, 2015

It is 11:00 pm and I have just arrived in Guatemala by Avianca Airlines. Elizabeth was unable to get a seat on the same flight through Aeroplan, so she caught the $20 Tika bus ride and enjoyed it immensely.  To cancel my booking would have cost me $90 plus tax , otheimage image imagerwise I would have joined Elizabeth. We are staying at Dos Lunas Hotel overnight, run by a lovely Dutch couple. Today we went to the  National Museum of Anthropology in the morning . It was there we met this super nice guy Louis and he is a Salvadorean who lived through the Civil War here and had quite a story to tell us about that. He had his family with him and when Elizabeth could not use the museum phone to call a taxi to take her to the bus depot, he offered to drive her there and me to the Art very, very kind! I enjoyed the Art Museum and then headed out to see some other sites. I was little nervous on my own but  was very careful. I was extremely disturbed  to see a little boy about 3 years old running up to cars looking for money with his mom or grandma, I was not sure, doing the same thing. They were in the median with cars and busses whizzing by and half the time the little boy was nowhere in site, a long piece away from the adult! I felt especially sad as right across the street was The Portugal Circus with its big colourful tents and lots of exciting sounds coming from there! I so wished I could take that little boy into the circus and get him away from begging.. I returned via the 20 cent bus to Dona Marta, said my goodbyes and then headed by taxi to the airport..and now I am here. Loved my few days in San Salvador, El Salvador. Beautiful people, beautiful country; hopefully soon the bad parts will be wiped out.


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  1. I’m really enjoying following your trip. Is your friend from Ottawa? Visiting the countries down there must highlight for you how blessed we are up here. We have our problems, but home is pretty good! Stay safe!

  2. Gary permalink

    Giiiiiiday!!! Sounds fun, a little scary…but fun! Your almost done week number one!

  3. Nik permalink

    Sounds awesomeeeee! Glad you’re safe and sound! So awesome Elizabeth was able to join you too. Keep soaking up the culture and the SUN!

  4. Denise :) permalink

    Hi Kathy:
    Your grandchildren will be happy to see you at the museum art work. The people in the villages are awaiting you to assist them and build a cook stove. Enjoy the days ahead. God bless you.

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