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Sweet and Sad

January 18, 2015

So happy to be visiting Central America’s smallest country. Our short time here has been nothing but pleasant in spite of all the safety concerns due to the unrest here amongst the inhabitants since the civil war in the 80’s and the gang violence of the 90’s. After a delicious breakfast we took a taxi downtown to get Eliizabeth’s ticket to bus to Guatemala City tomorrow as unfortunately she was not able to get a deal on a flight which I will be taking as part of my Aeroplan package. We will meet at Dos Lunas, a well recommended hotel in Guatemala City. Then we jumped on a micro bus for $1.50 that took us on a lovely journey up through the mountains to Puerta la Libertad, teeming with people selling their wares, but we quickly escaped to the beach area which was actually much less busy. We walked along the boardwalk, met some interesting folks, then settled in one place for a few hours where we relaxed and watched the world go by. The beach was a dark sand but the swimming in the Pacific Ocean with lovely big waves was fun. The main feature of this port is the huge pier that juts out into the ocean which hosts a lively daily fish market. So interesting to walk along. The frozen shaved ice desserts are so delicious I had 2 today! Topped with lots of treats including condensed milk! Children are everywhere also selling things and it so sad when you find out how young they are. Sad also to see so much poverty and trash is everywhere, spoiling the landscape. We like to be inside our safe “home away from home” by 5:30 pm and spend the evening doing things here. We had picked up a few snack type things at the little supermarket in la Libertad but were surprised by a plate of delicious crepes being delivered to our room by the mistress of Hostal Dona Marta. A perfect ending to anoimage image imagether great day!

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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Thankyou for the photos and extra detail of what you see. I can follow along with you through google search. I now know why the sand is dark…sand mixed with tiny fragments from lava is called black sand. Can you imagine a sand collection in small amounts or a pebble from all the places you have visited in your travels? I am happy to have received a small bear wearing an Icelandic knitted sweater from your beginning years of travel in 2002. Elisabeth is a good travelling friend too.

  2. Suzanne permalink

    Great pictures. Sounds like u r seeing a lot. Hope it is not dangerous at night but so glad u r doing a lot in the day and supporting the children selling things. Stay happy and safe

  3. Bryan Sadler permalink

    Mmmmmmm shave ice. As good as Matsumoto’s on the North Shore?

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