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A Wonderful Day

January 17, 2015

Elizabeth and I both had a great sleep peaceful and quiet here. She woke up in the night and said I did not snore but guess what! She did! Haha. We headed out to do some exploring and made sure we stayed inside the “safe” zone as explained by Eduardo the Hostal owner. Everywhere there are policemen standing on corners etc with their rifles..a little unnerving. But we are safe! A gorgeous day, (83 degrees Fahrenheit) lovely breeze and wall to wall sunshine and blue skies. We walked to the  Sala Nationel de Exposiciones and the nearby Tin Marin Children’s Museum. The Children’s Museum was amazing…have never seen anything quite like  it!  We loved the Butterfly enclosure. Close by is the Bicentennial Park and that was fun to hang out in as well. We grabbed some yummy traditional snacks from a street vendor and sat at a nearby table and enjoyed our good fortune of all that is good in our lives.We headed back to the Hostal ..made some plans for tomorrow as per our guide book and my iPad..headed out for another stroll and found a cubby hole of a place where a woman was serving lovely Salvadorean cuisine and brought it back to enjoy outside before dark set in about 6 pm. We are the only white people in this area where our Hostal is and cars are honking at us steadily and people are looking at us curiously! We are not in a touristy area and we both like that as we are really experiencing the local culture. Seldom anyone speaks any English and our Spanish is “muy pocito”, but we are managing very well. So glad to have a friend with me.

ps been trying for  1/2 hour to upload luck..


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    The police security at various corners, warnings to remain in safe zones and being the tallest white woman in the area, I am happy you are experiencing the balance of the beauty around you and the love in your heart. 🙂

  2. Bryan permalink

    Hi Mom! Glad you and Elizabeth are having fun! Did you figure out how to post the photos yet!? Miss you and love you!

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