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Central America and a Long Way from Home

January 16, 2015

My friend Elizabeth and I are here at Hostal Dona Marta in San Salvador. A great day and our 3 flights went smoothly. Met some interesting people and will keep in touch with Sylvie on her way to Thailand and David on his way to Costa Rica. The next 3 days we will explore San Salvador and learn as much as we can about the people and their culture. We are excited! We are lucky indeed to have this amazing opportunity to see and experience more of our big beautiful world. It is!

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  1. Gary permalink

    Gidddday! Im glad you made it safely! Was wondering when I would hear from you! Enjoy San Salvador, I have been reading about it online and there are lots of cool things to do there! Have an awesome day! Your not missing much here other then snow, wind, and and more snow. Love you!

  2. Barbara permalink

    Glad you arrived safely. Keep us posted about your adventure.

  3. Suzanne permalink

    Yes Indeed you are so lucky and brave. I wish I was there with you two so so much. I cant wait to hearall youradventures, tell us all aboutthe food, the landscapes the poeple everything!!! and post pictures when you can too. Love yuoa nd miss you xoxoxo

  4. Susan permalink

    Cool. Sounds like the start of a great adventure. Kathy – my cousin David is heading to Costa Rica – he is originally from Ottawa but lives in Alberta. I wonder if by coincidence you met him??

  5. Bryan permalink

    Glad you guys made it safe and sound! Have fun!! Love you!

  6. Denise :) permalink

    Are you speaking Spanish most of the time with the people in San Salvador?

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