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St. John is Dead

September 2, 2013






Day 13 September 1, 2013

We got up this morning to a dreary, drizzly day. Actually, the weather has been mostly cool and dreary on our trip but was fine for our sightseeing. We were so lucky to have the beautiful warm sunshiny day when we were in PEI enjoying the day at the beach. That was the only beach day I had planned for us so it worked out well. And if it hadn’t been cool, I wouldn’t have worn my Sens jersey and had so many positive experiences with it. It happened again today!!

First thing this morning we headed out to the Reversing Falls attraction here so we could say we had been there knowing that to really appreciate the effect you pretty much need to be there for the day. It has to do with high and low tides. Right by this site there was another attraction which we enjoyed, a park which had a lot of very interesting wood carvings with stories to tell. I now know why the beaver is a small animal!

We drove to the city centre then and found a place to park. Tricky here and they have a rules re parking on opposite sides of the road and you have to be so careful. Lots of one way streets as well. When we returned to our car the guy across the road had not followed the rules and had a $75 ticket on his windshield!

Saint John is dead!! It was dead last night and again this morning. Rather depressing, actually, of all the places  we have ever visited we have never experienced this. We decided to go to Jungle Jim’s for lunch. This is a restaurant business peculiar to the Maritimes and NFLD,  although they are now in Calgary as well. I did not have my Sens shirt on, as it was too humid. When I told the server at the restaurant we were from Ottawa, right away he said he was a big Sens fan so I ran back uphill ( lots of hills in St. John just like Halifax) and grabbed my shirt from the car and the server was so happy he offered me a freebie with my meal! All he talked about was how much he loved the Sens  etc! The place was virtually empty except our same lady friends we had met last night so we said hello to them again!!

We left there and headed to the New Brunswick Museum as the guide book said it was very good. I was surprised they did not have a section about the great fire of 1877 which destroyed much of St. John, caused by a spark alighting on some hay and spreading like wildfire.

We visited a couple of other noteworthy sites before departing St. John for the start of our long drive home. One memorable thing will be the polychromed wood statues created by Tom Hooper that  are situated in various places in the city centre. They are so intriquing. He is the creator of the  beautiful Terry Fox statue near the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. I am sad for our latest adventure to be coming to an end.

I decided to take a route home through the States to see different scenery and the drive has been very enjoyable.  We did not have time to explore Bangor, Maine as we drove through, but know it is known for its settings for many Stephen King novels. Trevor snapped a photo of the giant 31 foot Paul Bunyan statue. I liked that because when I was in public school I did a speech on Paul Bunyan.

Tonight we are in a lovely little motel in Farmington, Maine. After supper we played our final rounds of Canasta and in the end we are even-steven , each championing one set of games! Yahoo!


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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts! Thanks for sharing! So glad you had another great trip!

  2. Suzanne smith permalink

    Enjoy the drive through maine. Next trip you ahould bring a tonbof ottawa sens jersey knockoffs and give them away. You may get alot of free stuff!! See uou soon. Rainy here too

  3. Bryan permalink

    Who’s Paul Bunyan?

  4. Barbara permalink

    Thank you for sharing your trip. Drive safely!

  5. Denise :) permalink

    St. John is asleep this time of the year, not dead 🙂 You are at the end of your journey and need to get back to Ottawa where you are active and for good reason. Enjoy your drive home and see you again soon.

  6. Marg permalink

    look forward to hearing more and seeing you soon.

    Marg xoxo

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