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Wharf Rat

September 1, 2013

This morning we got up and had another lovely family breakfast with the Wigles. They are such a lovely family and we hope we can keep in touch. Boiled eggs and croissants, juice, fruit cheese etc. Our stay with them was lovely in every way.

After fond farewells, Trevor and I set off for Peggy’s Cove, about a 45 minute drive from Halifax. Lovely scenery along the way and Peggy’s Cove was worth the drive. Very beautiful and I am glad we went! Close by there was a monument for the Swiss Air crash of Sept 2, 1998 where 229 people died. Flammable material used in the aircraft’s structure allowed a fire to spread beyond the control of the crew, resulting in a loss of control and the crash. sad! It was flying from New York to Geneva. We stopped and paid our respects at the beautiful monument overlooking the sea.

After exploring Peggy’s Cove for a bit, we continued our drive to Digby, Nova Scotia, scallop capital of the world, along the Bay of Fundy. Arriving about 1:00 pm in time for lunch, my plan was to have a nice scallop dinner. Little did we know the Wharf Rat Motorcycle Rally was taking place this weekend, the biggest motorcycle rally in Canada this year. 1000’s and 1000’s of was crazy trying to get through Digby and I was glad I was not running late with the GPS today or we never would have made the ferry as we crawled through town. We managed to find a place to park the car and walked downtown but impossible to get a place to have a dinner..came to a Subway that looked not too busy and lo and behold they were having a scallop/bacon sub just for this weekend so I got my scallops in Digby after all….not as I had intended but it was good!!

The 3 hour ferry ride across the Bay of Fundy to St. John, New Brunswick was lovely. We have enjoyed many ferry rides on this trip..some long..some short.

When we finally arrived at St. John about 7:00 pm we went looking for a cheap motel and got a nice one just on the edge of downtown.

Since it was Saturday night we thought we should check out the nightlife. We read on the internet that it was pretty dead in St. John at night but we decided to check it out for ourselves..and it was!! However, we walked around the boardwalk area for a bit, chatted with some nice people and are looking forward to exploring more tomorrow.

A nice hot shower, a snack, a funny video on the computer and soon to sleep.






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  1. Bryan permalink

    Trev is a wharf rat!

    • hahahah wish you were with us we have seen and done sooooooooooooooooo muchoxox sad for trip to eb over tomorrow wah


  2. SUZANNE SMITH permalink

    sorry your trip is almost over, but what great memories and photos too… You guys sure hada fantastic adventure… It will be nice to see you and chat inperson I really enjoyed reading all your blogs, I coudlntreply alot as i was out of town or just onmy phone but I am home now so I can read them all again….. cheers< SuzaNNE

  3. Gary permalink

    Is that an ALPINE in your hand Trev? yummmmmmm. Out East they live off 2 liquids. Beer and Alpine.

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