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Hello to Halifax

August 31, 2013

Day 10 August 29, 2013

We got off the ferry at 8:00 am in North Sydney, Cape Breton Island and made the drive to Baddeck, famous as the summer place for Alexander Graham Bell and many things there commemorating this.  This is a good starting and ending point for the Cabot Trail. I had driven the Cabot Trail many years before, but if you go to Cape Breton this is what you must do, so I thought I should give Trevor this experience. The weather was a little “iffy”, not sunny and bright which would have been better, but still okay for the long windy drive. I had my brakes checked before making this trip, in anticipation of the sometimes hair- raising  300 km drive. It was very beautiful and we stopped at many lookout points to get a clear view and take some photos, but after experiencing so much spectacular natural beauty in Newfoundland, it was rather redundant. However, we did it!

We continued after that on to Halifax, our next destination. I have never visited Halifax before so was looking forward to seeing it.

After a lot of driving we made it about 6 pm and decided to just grab a burger at Wendy’s. I have never eaten a burger at Wendy’s as I just could not put my head around a square hamburger patty but got their new pretzel bun burger combo and it was delicious and actually looked just like the picture!

We arrived at our CSer’s home about 7:30 pm and were welcomed by an amazing family; Rob is a drama teacher at the local high school but he also is in a Celtic music band; his wife Joan is a prof at the university and they have 2 teenage daughters. They welcomed us with tea and cookies and we chatted about everything. They both have done so many incredible things in their lives and are so inspirational. I love meeting people like makes me want to do more!!

Real beds  with bedding to sleep in which we welcome after sleeping on the floor of the ferry in our sleeping bags last night. Tomorrow we will “do” Halifax with little or no driving if possible!!DSCF8073 DSCF8077 DSCF8087


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    The sleep between the theatre chairs is a good memory of my boat ride return from Newfoundland Labrador. A family had set-up a tent like shelter behind me, and I felt safe while travelling alone. Your photos of the sights are beautiful and peaceful. Quite a difference between the bustling beaches along the sea coast in Europe and the solitude of the ocean along the coast of Nova Scotia.

  2. Barbara permalink

    What beautiful photos of the windswept beach. Kathy, you look as though you had stepped into a Group of Seven painting

  3. brittiney permalink

    Hello Hello!! WOW your trip sounds like sooo much fun! LOVE the pictures and all the cool stories!! I just tried to comment on the blog about going to the gravesite for the [people of the titanic and and your bagel/salmon breakfast and it wont let me 😦 so I am commenting here!!! I cant believe you saw the sneddons what a small world!! I am glad you guys are getting your walk on seeing so many amazing places…………………….I feel like the east has such a special feel to it….the air is different or something….true beauty 🙂 we are off to a cottage until tmr! Write soon!!! xo miss you guys!!! Love you!!!! xo

  4. Gary permalink

    Looks like your having alot of fun. YOur backs must be sore from sleeping on so many floors.!!!!!

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