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August 31, 2013

Day 11 August 30, 2013

After a great night’s sleep in comfy beds in a dark, quiet recreation room downstairs, we went upstairs to be greeted by Rob, Joan, Jackie and a full spread breakfast. Loved the bagel with cream cheese and fresh smoked Atlantic salmon!

I really wanted to avoid driving for the day, so Joan dropped us off at the ferry on her way to take Jackie somewhere. She pointed out a flock of geese that were in a park as we drove by and explained to us that this same gaggle of geese stays in this park but twice a day crosses at the crosswalk and everyone knows and expects that and allows for delays due to the geese!

Our hosts actually live in Dartmouth, which is just across the harbour from Halifax but an 8 minute ferry runs back and forth 24 hours a day. The 2 cities were once separate but have now been amalgamated as Halifax. The Halifax Harbour is the second largest salt water harbour in the world.

We had  a list of things we wanted to do before setting out and we managed to do most of them.

The ferry took us right  to the  waterfront area where we could walk to all the things we wanted to visit, but since we had a transfer, we took the bus out to one of the cemeteries where many of the bodies recovered from the Titanic were buried. That was very moving and sad. Many had no names.

Back downtown on the waterfront boardwalk we decided to try the “best voted fish and chips” and then headed over to the famous Cows booth for ice cream which is a PEI brand. Once again my Sens shirt was a hit with one of the employees who is a #1 Sens fan;  a friendly young man  from Ottawa who goes to Dalhousie University here and was sure he could identify one of the faded autographs on my old shirt. The flavours we got were all super delicious: Gooey-Mooey and Moo Henry…yum yum!

We walked to Pier 21, the immigration centre, where 1000,000 immigrants entered Canada between 1928 and 1971. We spent a couple of hours at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which had so much to see . Our favourite sections were the stories on the Halifax explosion in 1917 and I remembered reading a book when I was in high school called Barometer Rising about that horrific event, and the Titanic section.

Halifax is very hilly and we walked up the hill to the beautiful Public Gardens, a 17acre Victorian era public garden.  We climbed the hill to the Citadel National Historic site. We walked along the streets and saw many other interesting and historic sites.

We decided to have supper at the Blue Nose restaurant which was recommended to us by our hosts. We wanted some authentic sea food for supper. I was using the cell phone outside to call Rob, our host, when someone started rapping on the restaurant window at me. I wasn’t sure at first what was wrong but then thought maybe it was my shirt. Upon entering the restaurant I approached their table and they said they knew me but I did not think so! Then discovered it was Ronnie Snedden and family originally from Pakenham! It was my shirt that had attracted their attention, once again.Image

I just can’t resist putting on my Sens shirt each day as we have had so many positive encounters because of it, which happened as we ferried back across later on.

We picked up some yummy bakery cookies and returned home to cookies and tea and family time, before heading to bed after another great day!



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