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St. John’s

August 25, 2013

Day 5 August 24, 2013

Well, Trevor and I did not get much sleep, but we met some nice folks on the ferry and entertained ourselves playing Canasta, a card game I taught Trevor on our house swap a couple of years ago. We haven’t played since but Trevor still can outwit and outplay Mom in this strategic card game!

Off the ferry about 10:30 am and a 2 hour drive to St. John’s. Again the weather was rather dreary and drizzly today but a nice scenic drive. Lots of lakes and ponds and big hills. As we had not had breakfast, Trevor spotted a Mary Brown’s chicken and taters place he wanted to stop at..I wasn’t so impressed as to me it was just a KFC clone but we were definitely full when we left.

We headed then to our Cser’s home. A beautiful home and a lovely hostess, Holly and her 3 dogs welcomed us. Her partner Johnny was at work.  We freshened up with a nice shower, then headed out to explore St. John’s. She really liked the bouquet of  fresh mums we picked up for her!

We had a great day. We drove to Signal Hill, a famous landmark, parked the car and explored all around the area. There are many hiking paths which we enjoyed and in a rather remote area I screamed as there was a barely visible man seated in a trench in the ground! He scared me and I scared him and Trevor was scared too!!

Well, we had the most interesting conversation with this man, age 60, who has been homeless for 40 years. What an eccentric fellow who has had a most challenging life!!

Back down into the city centre where we were to meet up with a friend who used to live in Ottawa and whom Tracy and  I met about 10 years ago through the Running Room. The 3 of us ran the Cumberland  half- marathon together, then trained for a marathon after that so we became good friends. A great gal, Natalie Shea. She had moved back home to St. John’s  to be close to her parents, as she is an only child and thought she should do that, so we were excited to meet again.

We toured St. George Street, a popular pub and eatery area, then she took us to  the Duke ofDSCF7814 DSCF7834 Duckworth Pub where she said we would have the best fish and chips. She used to hang out there during her university days and even though this pub is off the beaten path up a side street, it was filled with diners and we almost did not get a seat!

Wearing my Ottawa Senator’s jersey has been fun as so many people identify with it one way or the other and thank goodness it has all been positive so far!

A great visit and plans to meet tomorrow evening to get “screeched in” to Newfoundland are in the works…


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  1. Denise permalink

    I hope you get to see whales. The hills are exceptionally steep in St. John’s. Enjoy the social outing and experiencing Newfoundland Labrador culture.

  2. Gary permalink

    Bonjour! Was George street fun? My friend Newfie always talks about it. What were the fish and chips like? Im assuming it is Codfish…….Glad your having fun! Make sure and try PINEAPPLE CRUSH (the drink)…..newfoundland is one of only places in the world they sell it!

  3. Bryan permalink

    Did you get Screeched in?

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