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Slow Motion in Brussels

June 3, 2013

Friday, May 31st

We had a wake-up call for 4:30 am as the taxi was coming to get us at 4:45 am. to get us to the Berlin airport in sufficient time for our 6:40 am departure. Boarded the fight and in our row we were lucky to be seated beside a delightful young woman who lives in Berlin but who gores to university in the States and loves candy! She had a carry-on loaded only with candy weighing the maximum 25 pounds, because she can’t get the same stuff in the States. I thought I was bad, but the incredible thing, I would guess her at about 22 years of age..she has not one single cavity! I loved chatting to her as she has done so many cool things and I have her email address to keep in touch as we share a lot of other interests besides candy!! Well, when we approached Brussels, we could not land for safety reason due to the fog, so we flew to the Luxembourg Airport, stayed on the ground there for about 1/2 hour, then back to Brussels. Unfortunately we were late to make our connecting flight, so new plans had to be made.  A huge lineup at Customer Service, as so many others were in the same situation, and when it was our turn, the service agent could not come up with anything that worked well to get us back today, so we were offered a night at the Sheraton, with vouchers for lunch, supper and breakfast the next morning. Trevor was disappointed as we were to arrive in Ottawa 5:00 pm today and he already had plans set up with several of his friends Friday evening and all day Saturday..however …being the amazing kid he is, he accepted this would not be happening. In the scheme of things this was a small “blip”. Speaking of disappointments, tough times etc ..anyone I hear complaining about pretty much anything will not get much sympathy from me anymore after finishing that book, “Hope is The Last to Die”, I picked up at Auschwitz.  Absolutely unbelievable what that woman and millions like her endured and how she survived is mind-boggling!! But i digress.. so then we went to our hotel right across the street from the airport, then to the dining area for a delicious lunch and with my generous lunch voucher I decided to try ‘Cordon-bleu” ..think I liked Pig’s Knuckles better!  We then caught a train into the city centre to tour Brussels. We walked and walked all over the city centre for several hours and took lots of photos. Again, beautiful old architecture  and so much to see. One thing that I have never seen before were the people “slowmotion walking”. It was incredible. Not sure the purpose of this but wondered if it was a message to the rest of the world to slow down. Loved watching this small group who were doing this. I tried it but it truly takes a tremendous amount of concentration, especially in the middle of a big bustling city like Brussels. Back to the hotel about 9:00pm; a delicious dinner and up to bed for a good night’s sleep with plans to arrive home tomorrow, all going well. Although I have been to Brussels before, IImageImageImageImage was excited for Trevor to get the feel of another majestic European city.


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