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Love is Good

May 30, 2013

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A delicious buffet breakfast and out to the bus on a glorious looking day, to do another tour of Prague. We had the same local tour guide, Lienke,  who took us around last night and we enjoyed our morning tour with her, as well as the optional tour we once again joined up for, The Moldau Cruise with Lunch. The Moldau is another name for the Vltava River. The first part of the morning we went to tour the Prague Castle grounds, which was teeming with many other tourists. Again, lots of history and this guide makes hearing it so lively. We also went into St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Town, the Jewish ghetto and were at the main square for the viewing of the famous Astronomical Clock, which has been in operation since 1490, for 11:00 am. We headed then for the lunch cruise and that was lovely, wining and dining along the river and more sightseeing with our lovely guide. Everyone thought she was the best guide we have had yet and we learned so much about life in general as well as so much history from this delightful woman. At the end I gave her a hug and got a photo with her. I told her one of my favourite parts of my visit to Prague was her!! After saying good-bye to her I wasn’t the only one who said they could have listened to her all day. We could see that the weather was changing for the worse and sure enough, it started to pour when we were on the boat, luckily under cover. We headed back to the hotel and decided to watch the movie Inglorious Basterds, another wartime movie dealing with the Nazis and Jews and relax before heading back out when hopefully the weather would improve, which it did! Blue skies and sunshine, so we walked and walked and revisited many of the sites we had already visited, as well as many new ones. We visited the Lennon Wall, which is a portion of wall that since the 1980s has been filled with John Lennon and Beatles graffiti and I managed to find a paintbrush with some blue paint still wet on it and made a small “circle of love” and with my pen, wrote Trevor’s and my names and the date. This wall is a symbol of peace and love. Speaking of love, there were 2 young men holding up signs for FREE HUGS and as I love hugs, I went over and hugged them both, hoping they weren’t about to pickpocket me. They were from the States spreading love around the world. Good for them! The streets and especially the big city squares were teeming with people; vendors; buskers; musicians; places to eat but we weren’t really that hungry after our 2 big meals today earlier and in the end we grabbed a bite at good old KFC, one of Trevor’s favourite friends when we travel! Enjoying Prague at Night again..absolutely beautiful!


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  1. Denise permalink

    I am able to see places you have visited. Did you see in The Old Town, a statue of a man hanging over a building? The St. Vitis Cathedral is how old? Glad the weather cleared. The boat ride would have been calm along the river. Denise 🙂 Hugs for everyone.

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