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Ghosts in Praha

May 29, 2013

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We had an early wake-up call and after our buffet breakfast, we loaded onto the bus to depart from Vienna and head for the Czech Republic. Our tour driver explains everything to us regarding the history of the places we travel through and of course the long and complicated explanation of why Czechoslovakia is now 2 separate countries. When we were in Slovakia (population 5 million) we only passed through, stopping for lunch at a small town. We have one and half days in Czech Republic ( population 10 million), in the capital city of Prague, so we will experience more of life here in this famous city, actually known as Praha here. As soon as we crossed the border, we stopped for a rest and snack break in a really gaudy area which looked like a mini Disney World, quite a striking contrast to the lovely countryside we had just driven through. By noon we had arrived in the medieval town of Telc, where we had time to walk around the beautiful old town and then had a delicious full course authentic meal in a lovely, quaint restaurant. We arrived in Prague about 4:30 pm where we headed to our room to get settled, went out to tour around Wenceslas Square, where our hotel is situated. This is one of the 2 main squares here in Prague and can hold up to 400,000 people. At the top of the square there is a statue of good King Wenceslas, a Czech national hero. We then enjoyed a buffet supper…so much food in one day!! On the tour, all buffet breakfasts are included and many other meals, but some we must do on our own. Also, there are several optional activities one can sign up for, which we did tonight. It was called Prague by Night so we headed out with most of the others on our tour by a local guide, who took us on a guided walking/bus tour where we learned the history of many famous buildings and many of the legends of this city, where we also enjoyed some spectacular night views. Interesting about the 2002 flood and how bad it was and that every one hundred years they expect this flooding. It took them 8 months to get the water out of the subway system, which was a serious inconvenience is this bustling city where narrow cobblestone roads make transportation by the metro very important, as 1,000,000 people use it daily. Our guide said it was incredible how the people rallied and cooperated during this difficult time. Also, the history of communism in Czech Republic and how many beautiful churches that are owned by the state are no longer used as churches, but for museums and other functions, as 65 percent of the population is atheist or agnostic.  Our guide told us many ghost stories and other fascinating tales about the royalty and life here over the years. We then stopped for about an hour at a local tavern, where drinks and great entertainment were included. We finished up by walking across the beautiful 14th century stone bridge, Charles Bridge, linking the 2 sides of the city on either side of the Vltava River. This bridge is a hub of activity day and night and seeing the view from both sides and all the incredible statues  adorning the bridge was incredible. A great night and we look forward to seeing and doing a whole lot more in Praha tomorrow.


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  1. Tracy Millar permalink

    Are you drinking beer now? I leave you for 2 weeks and look what happens…….

  2. Marg permalink

    Sounds awesome this trip. We may follow your footsteps in the near future. It’s nice to be ferried around and told the history by people who are so knowledgeable.

    Marg and Greg

  3. Denise permalink

    The area of Praha is located in what was called Magna Germania, considered to be Gaul and part of the Roman empire in 2nd century BC. The ground beneath your feet could tell stories of history, we would never get to sleep. Denise 🙂

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