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Blue Danube

May 25, 2013



Friday, May 24, 2013

After breakfast we left the beautiful city of Krakow and took a scenic drive through the heart of mountainous, forested and agricultural Slovakia. Our tour guide explained all the history of Czechoslovakia and how the 2 nations became divided. He is a wealth of historical knowledge about all these countries and I listen but cannot remember it all. However, at one point I do recall him saying that when Germany was in control, Hitler decided to divide the country because he could manage it better that way…Hitler again …he wielded so much power! Anyways, all I know for sure is that now we have 2 separate nations and that we had breakfast in Krakow, Poland; lunch in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia and supper in Budapest, Hungary! Pretty cool. Something that I at lunch was garlic soup with cheese and croutons…mmmm…….so yummy! Apparently it is a traditional Slovakian dish. I will definitely be looking up that recipe when I get home. We drove along very windy, narrow roads all day and it was nice to have someone else ferrying us around while we relaxed on the big, comfortable bus. Tonight we had a special treat with a 2 hour private dinner cruise and narrated tour along the  Danube River. It was lovely and some of the buildings we saw were absolutely spectacular. We can’t wait to DO BUDAPEST all day tomorrow!


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  1. Suzanne Smith permalink

    I lov bufapest and i have lots of friends there. I hope u get to do the baths there they r awesome. Nice not to have to drive ypurself for sure so u can see everything. It is all amaIng stuff to see and hear about. I am planning to get my other knee done and not go back to work yet if at all posfible!! Very windy and cool her lately. Enjoy sexy budapest. There are two sides the pest and the buda. A bridge seperates them. Crazy taxi drivers. Chow

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  2. Denise permalink

    I am glad you and Trevor have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. You are two people I can refer to when I have questions about Europeon countries. Maturity is in knowledge. I can see from the photo with Trevor and the large building in the background, that he is a mature man and wealthy in knowledge. The best of memories to last for generations. Love Denise 🙂 and canine Sarah “/

  3. Bryan permalink

    WEEEEEEE!!!! See you soon!! Love you!!

  4. Gary permalink

    Sounds fun! Are you going to Latvia by chance? There was a guy at our hgouse yesterday from Latvia…..very very nice guy. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!

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