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Unbreakable Poles

May 21, 2013

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The wake-up call came at 6:45 am and down we went for the most amazing buffet breakfast ..again!! I make sure to allow a full hour to eat and eat and eat..there is soo much yummy food and I love food! What a treat! We boarded our bus at 8:30 am and were taken on a tour of The Old Town and I cannot possibly put into words the impact this tour had on both of us. I salute the Polish people for all they have endured over the years, especially during WW11 and 1944 which brought unbelivable destruction to this city. With Hitler’s outrage at the fighting during the Warsaw Uprising, when the Polish people tried to take a stand against the German occupation, and his decision to wipe Warsaw off the map of Europe, 90 percent of the city was in ruins. However, with the will of the few Polish people who survived and slowly returned to the city, reconstruction began, taking many years, but they have practically rebuilt the whole city from ruins, restoring it to its original beauty. Today, Warsaw is the greenest city in Europe, with 25 percent of the city covered with parks and gardens. Our tour guide took us around by bus and by foot to view this incredible restoration. In the Historical Museum, we watched a 20 minute moving film showing the city before and after the destruction. Our amazing tour ended at 11:30 am and Trevor and I set out on our own to do more touring. i had picked up a booklet at the hotel desk that outlined 2 more walking tours that looked great! We did the Historical City Centre walking tour and went to every place listed and learned the historical significance  of each place; then we did the Warsaw Praga  District walking tour! We  did not stop for lunch, just kept going, as a storm looked to be brewing! We were so glad when we finished, as it seemed like we had walked 100 miles!! Just love my $2.50 Old Navy flipflops..even on cobblestone streets they are amazing!! We decided when all was said and done, the most awesome part of the city is The Old Town, so we retreated back to there and the big public square and had a lovely meal outside, where we relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, thankful the storm never materialized. I am so happy to have discovered Poland, a country most of us know so very little about. When I look out from my hotel window, it looks like Ottawa; buses, cars, bikes, the people look the same and dress the same…it really is, “a small world after all.” We bused back to the hotel and plan an early night, as tomorrow morning the wake-up call comes at 6:00 am and we are off to Krakow, with a stop at Auschwitz, another chilling reminder of the Holocaust.


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  1. Tracy Millar permalink

    Poland is on my bucket list…….tomorrow will be interesting and emotional I am sure. Miss you guys!

  2. Denise permalink

    I read your words of this story to my Polish friend, and she is thankful for your words that has described her homeland of Poland. She too has seen the movie you have spoken of and actually had visited her father in Poland during April, when the weather was cooler. Thankyou for your wonderful words to describe life elsewhere, at a time when lives were destroyed, and then for the people to recover to regain back their lives and culture. All good come your way. God bless you. Love Denise 🙂 and canine Sarah “/

  3. Gary permalink

    Very very cool! Did you see any of the areads where the Warsaw ghettos were? Also, a little off topic…but what kind of food do they eat in poland?

  4. Rodger permalink

    I loved Warsaw, Poland, too. I was surprised, too, by how “Western” the city and its people looked. I went on a walking tour of the city, and that was mind-blowing. Wave after wave of invaders and destruction, but the people of Poland kept recovering and rebuilding. So much history!

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