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Hamburgers from Hamburg

May 18, 2013

DSCF6420 DSCF6408

We slept well and Katharina had prepared a great breakfast for us, having skipped out to the local bakery to get some fresh bread and rolls for us. One of the Europe customs that we of course enjoy is the fresh bread /pastries all the time with so many pastry shops in all the neighbourhoods. We hung out at her place for the morning and caught up on everyone’s news. Then we all left just before noon as she had to go to the school she teaches at and we were heading out to tour Hamburg. We walked all afternoon, returning at 6 pm to meet up with Katharina.  It seems funny to say that people from Hamburg are Hamburgers and the same for Frankfurters but it is no different than saying people from New York are New Yorkers! We saw so many interesting places here in Hamburg and were very impressed with the city. It is a huge port with so many ships and boats. Now I know why there were so many transport trucks lining the highway as they must be carrying goods brought in by all the ships. We checked out beautiful old churches and loved all the old buildings such as the huge warehouses that line the canal. Actually, Hamburg has more bridges and canals than either Venice or Amsterdam, which is interesting. I love seeing all the people of all ages biking throughout the city and they have a great system for bikers. Wide sidewalks with a section marked in red that is for the bikers, so you can safely ride without going onto the road! I wish Ottawa had that as I love riding my bike but you are not allowed to ride on the sidewalks and it is so scary on the roads. So many big open spaces for people to hang out and again great to see people doing that…sitting along the waterways, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and pretty views. Lots of swans again. One fun thing that happened was a guy who owns a restaurant came out and offered us a yummy pastry treat. He wanted us to tell him which version of the pastry we liked best; the one with the fresh cream or without. So we eagerly gulped down the slices and did not help him much as Trevor and I both chose the opposite!!  The city is not as clean as it was all over Switzerland. It reminds me more of Ottawa with litter lying around. After supper we looked at photos from Nicaragua on Katherina’s computer and had some good laughs as we reminisced. We then headed up the street to a lovely restaurant where we sat outdoors and has schnitzel, a favourite German dish. It was good! Home to bed and we have some great plans with Katharina for the morning! We are so happy we came to visit her!

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  1. Denise permalink

    Thankyou for your daily news. The rain is falling today and all is good for gardeners. Sounds very lovely visting and touring in Hamburg. Denise 🙂

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