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Bye Hamburg Hello Berlin

May 18, 2013

DSCF6463 DSCF6476Friday, May 17, 2013

I headed out with Katharina to the bakery to get some fresh bread for breakfast. We also stopped at a supermarket across the street to get a few things. Philadelphia cheese is so cheap here! A container for just over a dollar and they have some awesome varieties that we don’t have back home! I just love the honey/cheese blend. Also spotted the pineapple cheese we had at Nicole’s parents in Spiez and just had to grab a package of is sooo yummy! After another delicious breakfast, Katharina took us for a beautiful walk around the Alster Lake, which makes about a 7 km loop from near her home on a huge path that had lots of runners, women with strollers, bikers and people of all ages out enjoying the beautiful Friday morning. Again the views on the lake were so lovely. The loop takes you by the downtown core where we were yesterday and I know if I lived there I would enjoy making that loop everyday. We stopped at the ice cream shop next to her apartment, as this was a Nicaragua tradition that we enjoyed, so we had to do it for old times’ sake! Our bus to Berlin left at 2:00 pm, so once again, fond farewells. The 3 hour bus ride was very pretty , with lots of yellow fields and wind turbines.  To get our bearings in Berlin, we stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop and had a bite to eat sitting outside. The Polish girl who worked there spoke English and was ever so friendly and helpful, giving us a Metro map as we needed to take this to get to our new CSer’s place. Another friendly lady came up to us on the Metro as she saw the Canada flag on my suitcase and asked if she could help us in any way. A great welcome to Berlin, the capital of Germany. Our new CS hosts, Tal and Amir, from Israel, are so nice! They gave us great advice for tomorrow and we talked about lots of things before hitting the sack on their pull-out couch in the living room.


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  1. Rodger permalink

    Hamburg sounded cool. I have heard a lot of great things about Berlin, so I am looking forward to hearing about your stay there! Say hi to Trev for us! xoxo

  2. Wayne Guthrie permalink

    Hi Kathy and Trevor: Love your stories. I know you are having a wonderful time. Not much new here, as usual. Weather is finally starting to get a little warmer. Did you know Survivor is over until September. It was great. Also, yesterday we had a slight tremour (4.8 on the scale). I thought it was a BIG truck going down the road until we heard about it on the news.

    Take care and keep enjoying.

    Love Lynn xxoo

  3. Vika permalink

    Wow! You are a great writer! And sounds like enjoying all of it!!! Keep it that way!

  4. Denise permalink

    …that was one of my questions Kathy…of all your travels, where would you choose to live? Remember, this is Spring time and I imagine Winter would be different. HI to Vika, Lynn and Rodger from Denise 🙂

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