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300 Km Per Hour

May 16, 2013

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nicole came with us as we trammed to the train station and caught the 9:00 am train to Zurich. Big hugs as we said goodbye after our wonderful time being hosted by her and her family. We hopped off the Swiss Transit System for the last time and made our way to the bus station where we boarded the 11:00 am bus to take us on our 13 hour!! bus ride to Hamburg, Germany where we were going to meet up with another of our Nicaraguan friends, Katharina. We made so many good friends during our 5 week volunteer experience  with Esperanza, Granada and had fun visiting with Royce from San Francisco last summer. Our time with Katharina will be short but we are excited to see her again! We had hoped to take the train because it is faster but the price was too crazy. A flight with Easy-Jet was a good deal but it was super early in the morning and we could not make the right connections to get to Zurich in time to catch it. The bus was cheap so we were glad to catch it and the long ride was not as bad as we expected. New, comfortable bus and very nice bus drivers and we had a front seat with a great view. Beautiful farmland and forests along the way. Lots of yellow fields which are some kind of harvest they make oil from. Lots of wind turbines and literally 1000’s of transports along the highway! As we did not understand the driver, the man behind us would translate. I was amazed at the speed of many cars zooming past and this man told us there is no speed limit and he himself drives at 300 km per hour..regularly!! I just cannot imagine being in a car going that fast and don’t want to be! We had a short stop in Frankfurt, the banking centre of the country and another 45 minute stop further on. We caught a taxi to Katharina’s and upon arrival were warmly welcomed by her at 12:30 am. She has the sweetest apartment and she slept on her couch while we flopped into her nice, big, cozy bed! Tomorrow we will check out Hamburg.


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  1. Marg permalink

    It’s a good thing the bus didn’t travel at 300 Km/h! Enjoy your time in Germany.

    Marg and Greg

  2. Denise permalink

    I am so glad for you to see Germany with the forests and farmland along the way. Enjoy a good meal of German cuisine and German beer.

    Denise 🙂

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