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Life is Good

May 15, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013




We had another very busy day today. Hans and Susanne were off to work early, then Nicole, Trevor and I headed out about 8:30 am for a day of touring. We caught the Golden Pass Line  and headed to Montreux on Lake Geneva. The Golden Pass Line was the first panorama route in the whole world! There we caught a ferry and headed out across the lake and it was the most incredible scenery on the beautiful lake with the alps all around and beautiful blue skies and sunny weather. It was magnificent! After a one and a half hour boat ride we got off and walked around the port of Veyvey, then hopped on the train again and headed to the city of Lausanne, also on lake Geneva. We walked down, down from the train station and enjoyed the beauty of the lake for awhile, before hopping back on the train and heading to Fribourg. There are swans in the water everywhere and lots of ducks. Actually there  are 1484 lakes in Switzerland and you are never more than 15 kilometers from one. Also lots of beautiful flowers everywhere. We got off there and toured around for awhile, then back on the train and parted with Nicole at Bern, where she goes to university and was to meet up with a fellow student to do some work, having skipped classes for the day to show us around. Trevor and I headed back to Spiez, where Nicole’s parents spent about 2 hours helping us put together a plan for us to get to Hamburg, Germany on Wednesday and also make a plan for tomorrow. Again, Hans is a mastermind.. there is nothing he can’t fix or sort out and he seems to love these challenges. We have been so fortunate to have been guests in their beautiful home and were sad to say goodbye to them before we all headed off to bed. We have another exciting busy day planned for tomorrow, where we will meet up with Nicole at suppertime and spend our last night with her at her flat she shares in Bern with her roommates. With its snow-capped summits and icy glaciers to palm-lined lakes, travelling with the Swiss Travel Pass by bus boat and train on its 26,000 kilometers, with just one ticket, is so amazing!


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  1. RALPH MILLAR permalink

    So happy you are having such a wonderful trip and meeting so many kind and interesting people;                      Pat


  2. Denise permalink

    Kathy and Trevor: you will visit your new found friends, Hans and Susanne again. I trust the family will come to Canada and visit with you for a tour of Ottawa, and the beautiful small Ottawa Valley surrounded by the Pakenham Mountain, and the Gatineau Hills, ….with Nicole of course. Love Denise 🙂 and canine Sarah “/ We have Spring weather here these past few days.

  3. Gary permalink

    Glad your having fun! trev, you look like a legned in every picture!!!!

  4. Bryan permalink

    Beauty pics!!!! Looks similar to Mount Pakenham or perhpas the Calabogie Peaks in the background.

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