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Bears in Bern

May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trevor and I gathered up our belongings and sadly left the warm hospitality and comfort of Susanne and Hans’ lovely home. We made our way to the train station and took the 9:00 am train to Bern, where we obtained a locker to stash our stuff for the day, as we were heading off on another great adventure to Rigi mountain, the most visited mountain in Switzerland. Even Mark Twai climbed it years ago and wrote about it in his book “Tramp Abroad”. A beautiful train ride, a boat trip on Lake Lucerne, then up, up up the mountain on a special train with scenery like we have never experienced. 360 degree panoramic views. Absolutely breathtaking the whole 3 hour journey. It was a perfect day weather-wise for this trip. We stayed at the top for just over an hour enjoying the stunning scenery and view. On the way back we took a cable car to descend back to the port for the boat and again returned to the train and back to Bern. This trip which cost others about $130.00 was free with our Swiss Transit Pass, like so many other extras that are included and unfortunately we cannot possibly fit them all in. It is the best travel deal I have encountered yet..just love it! There is so much to see and do here in this small country and so relaxing, just hopping on and off the many incredible modes of transportation that run like clockwork everywhere you go. So back to Bern and Nicole met us at the train station and we retrieved our stuff from the locker and took the 1/2 hour tram ride to her place. She shares a lovely apartment with 3 other students, one who has been her best friend since grade one, who also welcomed us. We took a quick walk to the nearby Migros, a grocery chain that seems to be everywhere; got some groceries, dropped them back at her place, then she took us on a fast tour of Bern. Nicole has been so kind to us in every way! She is an amazing young smart! She switches languages from German to Italian; French: Spanish; English ..whatever the situation requires. Switzerland has 4 main languages, German; Italian; French and the 4th is an old Swiss dialect that is barely used anymore. We just loved our short tour of this capital of Switzerland. First stop was the Bear Park. The name Bern has something to do with bears and the city houses 3 Brown Bears in this amazing 6,000 square meters of park where the bears can swim in the Aare river which runs through the city and these bears are cherished by the residents who can easily visit and enjoy them at any time “free”. We saw an incredible rose garden with 223 varieties of roses; the Zytglogge tower with its medieval clock and so much more that we wanted to see but headed home about 8:30 pm for Nicole to prepare a special dish called raclette which we thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone hit the sack by 11:00 pm..what a great day..again!!


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  1. Denise permalink

    The panormaic view sounds beautiful, like the photo from the last post of Trevor standing and the mountain range in the background. Simply breathtaking with the blue sky and the clear water. Amazing…God bless you. Denise 🙂

  2. Gary permalink

    Im not goign to lie, I dont think I would be okay with those cable cars, trains on cliffs edges or trams of any sorts…im very afraid of heights! what about you guys? not scared at all? And would you say that the money for your cruise is worth it? Sounds like it! meow!

  3. Marg permalink

    The Swiss transit pass sure sounds like a great deal.


  4. Bryan permalink

    Excuse me… what was that… tramp abroad?

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