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Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013Image

ImageImageAs everyone was out very late last night, the plan was to have brunch at 11:00 am. I woke up about 7:00 and did some things on the laptop and remained in my room so as not to disturb anyone, but soon after 9:00 am I decided I would go out for a walk around Spiez. I took my camera and took lots of photos and enjoyed exploring. I got back about 10:45 am and it smelled so good when I entered the house. Nicole’s mom had been busy in the kitchen and had already ridden to the shops on her bicycle and been to the bakery and picked up some fresh breads etc. Once again we had a most delicious food feast. Nicole’s brother, Roger, had come over to join us and he fits in with the family personality of being a super friendly, nice young man! I told Nicole she is so lucky to have such a tight family unit; even grandma lives in the house in the apartment downstairs. Her mom and dad are so good-natured all the time. Her dad Hans is such a handyman. I don’t think there is anything he can’t do or fix. He is amazing! He actually went to Ontario to get his pilot’s licence when he was just 22 years old. He wanted to get it in English and got a great deal to go over there for a month and achieve it. He loves flying and flies regularly. The plan was to take Trevor, Nicole and I out for a short flight while we were here but the weather was not cooperative to do that, unfortunately. We had left our adaptor in Italy and had not been able to locate one in the shops, but he rigged up something that enabled him to recharge the camera and computer and he has made us an adaptor to take on the remainder of our travels. He has a huge office in the house that is full of thousands of papers, books etc and it is so incredibly neat and his workshop downstairs is lacking in nothing and again incredibly neat and organized. He also built a lot of this beautiful home and a few years ago installed solar panels on the roof. He is always fixing things and loves the challenge! After our brunch we looked at Nicole’s photos from her one month solo trip to South America on a recent university break. She has an awesome camera and the definition in her photos is incredible. We then did some planning for our time in Switzerland ; took a family hike where we hopped onto a boat to cross Lake Thun right behind their house; had a great supper and then a fun game of Rummy before saying good-night to everyone soon after 10:00 pm. A happy time on Mother’s Day here with Nicole and her family.


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  1. Denise permalink

    ….and I was thinking of you on Mother’s Day away from Canada, then I read this beautiful journey. A lovely and innovative family. Good to have met Nicole and remain friends forever.
    Denise 🙂
    PS Eva has 2 pen pals for over 85 years…one in Scotland and one in England. Friends are possible for a long time to come.

  2. Bryan permalink

    Hope Trev gave you a BIG hug from me! He said he would!!!! Sweet pics!! Love you!!

  3. Gary permalink


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