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Come to Switzerland!

May 13, 2013



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Had a great sleep in my lovely cozy room; got up to a delicious full course breakfast with lots of cheeses, cold meets, croissants, etc. Midmorning Nicole, Trevor and I headed off to Thun, a city nearby, by train. Thun was really interesting. We loved the river flowing through at a fast pace and the idea that in the summer kids jump off the bridge and are carried away by the river..sure sounds fun. Lots of market stalls and at one of them the vendor gave us the yummiest homemade Swiss-style candies to sample. We walked all around. Up to the castle that a knight had built many years before that just contains one huge living room as he never lived in it, just built it to look impressive! Saw a motorcycle scene being shot for a movie which was pretty cool and many other interesting places and things in Thun. We left Nicole about 12:30 noon as she was returning to her parents’ home as they had a big family anniversary “do” to attend to for the day and Trevor and I jumped on the train again for an approximately 2 hour journey to Zermatt to visit the famous Matterhorn mountain. The train ride was fascinating and as always, so enjoyable. The trains here are so efficient and so clean and comfortable. Riding the rails is like sitting in the comfort of your living room and relaxing as the world goes by. The scenery everywhere is postcard perfect. The sun was shining and under blue skies there was so much to see! We walked the Matterhorn Trail and took many lovely photos of this majestic mountain. We again met some friendly people. Susanne even insisted on our taking a delicious lunch with us as she says it is best to avoid dining out as much as possible in Switzerland as it is very expensive. All I can say is everyone should come to Switzerland! You can find a lovely place to stay, as one couple told us, with kitchen facilities, overlooking a beautiful view, buy the Swiss Transit Pass and have a wonderful holiday, travel anywhere and everywhere in this majestic country on an 8 day or longer pass and relax and you can even ski the Matterhorn if you want! We saw many snowboarders and skiers up there. You cannot go wrong with a holiday here as it is so, so beautiful! This is just our second day and we have so many other amazing plans for while we are here. Lots of bicycles and great to see it is a bike friendly country and no litter anywhere!! It is next to impossible to find anything out of place here, in the cities or the country. I am so thankful my knee, which had been giving me some discomfort before coming, has been pretty good as we are doing lots of walking and alot of uphill climbing but on a day like today it was so fun to do! Later in the evening we took the 1/2 hour train to Bern, another city and the capital, to meet up with Nicole’s family. Nicole invited Trevor and I to a Bad Taste Party which Trevor mustered up the courage to attend.  Midnight again.. time to go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow’s new adventures.


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  1. Suzanne smith permalink

    I was in Switzerland when I was 30 and it was beautiful then too….. love to go back one day…sounds so wonderful…. it sure sounds like a trip of a lifetime….

  2. Denise permalink

    Trevor, you look right at home in Switzerland. A nice smile to say you are both enjoying the time visitng Nicole and family.
    Denise 🙂

  3. Gary permalink

    Im glad your leg is okay. was worried that you might not be able to get around. Switzerland sounds like an amazing place. I love the mountains and all that stuff, so relaxing!

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